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  1. At the top of these forums, in the blue bar that says Technical Help, if you click on it, you will see its states While you may receive technical help in these forums , Do not expect administrators or moderators to serve you directly. Instead, Please contact Cooler Master support at here then provides a link for users to submit a ticket. While I disagree with your opinion and since its just that ...your opinion and not fact I won't bother trying to counter it. Regarding your "several" issues have you submitted a ticket yet or did you just submit a number of forum posts? If you haven't submitted a ticket yet I urge you to do so as its much quicker to get support there than posting in these forums. Good luck.
  2. Not sure if you've seen the notice, so its slow going. Combined with the recent news of the corona virus a lot of manufactures based in an around those locations have all either come to slow down on production/process or in some cases a complete halt. Its not surprising to expect some major delays especially for RMA's in which parts/components have to ship to and from overseas. That aside, I do agree these forums seem quieter than most other manufactures and a lot of non responses historically to users posts doesn't make for a welcoming experience. Not sure what you mean by intimidating rma since its not hard to box up the defective product and return ship it. I can understand if your rma process was slow to non responsive. But its certainly not intimidating nor difficult to submit an RMA request on their support page.