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  1. I recently built a new system, which included a MasterLiquid ML360R RGB. A large number of the components, including the cooler, were purchased from newegg. One of the components, and I am being careful not to name the manufacturer, did not match the specs given by newegg on their product page. That is - the component that I received was exactly what I had ordered, but as I found out, the product description on newegg's site listed incorrect information as compared to the manufacturer's specs as listed on the manufacturer's site. When the component failed almost immediately, I contacted newegg and explained the bad info on their product description page. I was informed by newegg that they are not responsible for misprints, because they simply paste in the info given by the manufacturer, and if that info is wrong, then it is not a newegg problem, and I need to contact their supplier, not them. As it turns out, the supplier has the correct information listed, only newegg has the wrong specs... and therefor it is a newegg problem, and I need to take it up with them. Newegg refused to listen to me, and refused to go to their suppliers page and see the error for themselves. They also refused to help me, and instead sent me back to their supplier. I left a poor review, and cited the specific errors in the product specs. Newegg deleted the review. I left a second review, less critical of my customer service experience, but still listing the exact specs from the supplier as a caution to anyone who might make the same mistake I had. Newegg deleted that review as well. I still have a product that is demonstrably broken due to bad specs on newegg's site; they refuse to help me, and after two months, still have bad info on their site. Since they refuse to listen to their customers, I wanted to share their underhanded business practices with all of the suppliers that I purchased products from through newegg, and let them know that newegg is a toxic company with the worst kind of business practices. If they won't listen to their direct customers, maybe they will listen to their suppliers. Good day.