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  1. MasterPlus+ v831 does not include the ViewSonic Elite XG270QG in its support matrix and does not detect the monitor as a channel. Any idea when we'll have this with MasterPlus? It's heavily advertised between ViewSonic and Cooler Master as a fully working as intended feature. Or are we waiting on ViewSonic? I did notice on the XG270QG that even their "Elite Display Controller" is not fully functional and only allows for modification of the RGB settings. https://www.viewsonic.com/elite/rgb/ That's all Cooler Master gear + ViewSonic https://landing.coolermaster.com/pages/masterplus/ Links to ViewSonic Elite Is there a MasterPlus+ BETA program?
  2. The H500M included controller includes a cable that would connect to your Gigabyte. There are little white labels on the ends of the wires that indicate motherboard variants. If you can't find that cable for connecting then you'll need to get one from support. I just checked mine and one side says MSI/asrock/asus and the other single wire says Gigabyte. You may be disappointed with that controller. I'd suggest looking at getting a better controller.
  3. Before installing MasterPlus, update the firmware for your specific controller. The ML360R downloads page ARGB LED Controller Firmware V0008 (as of (2020-02-11). The USB connection is to give the MasterPlus software access to the controller. This isn't how communication happens from Asus/Aura. You'll use a free RGB header on the MB and the supplied wire to plug into the RGB input on the controller. This will give you the ability to send the controller information from Asus/Aura from that header as identified in their software. You normally wouldn't need both the RGB and ARGB input used on the controller. You'd use either/or and preferably the ARGB is available on your MB. When you have both your RGB input connected and MasterPlus running, you'll be able to select between using the Motherboard input (from Asus/Aura via RGB header) or color selection in the MasterPlus software. You will need to put the controller into RGB mode by pressing the mode button and the LED on the left of the controller will light up. Hope this helps!