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  1. I bought it from my local retailer. The issue happened to my 1st case after 3 months. After I get a brand new replacement, it happened again after another 2 months. So I stopped wasting my time and got a refund.
  2. I had the same issue. I returned the case and got refund.
  3. The price of c700m increased in Australia recently. I don't recommend this case because the led strips are very easy to break. The issue happend to my c700m, even though I had a brand new replacement after the first one. Maybe they refreshed the case recently. But the one I used was about 2 months agao.
  4. I returned the c700m case and get a refund. I am not sure if the led issue is the common issue. However, it happend to me twice even though I got a brand new replacement. I don't think the similar issue should happen on this high-end product. I also want to complian about the pcb. Why not build a small case to protect the pcb? Pcb is so easy to break. Besides, they need to take actions to protect the small pcb on the top panel. If you use the vertial card on the right, all heat will go out and hit the pcb. It's possible to break the cable pcb by the heat from the graphic card. I think it is the reason why mine was broken the first time. The case still needs a lot of improvement. I wish they can improve the design and the quality on the next generation. I am out.
  5. I am switching to cougar conquer 2.
  6. I am not sure about it. When I bought the case the 1st time, top and front stopped working. Top stopped working again after I get a brand new one.
  7. Hi, I am an Australian user. I bought this case at the end of last year. The top led issue happened after 3 months' use. Then I asked the shop to replace a new one. The same thing happened again after 2 months. I am so disappointed about its quality. It seems like it is a common issue. Now I decided to return the case and get a refund. I will stay away from CM cases in the future.