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  1. Well that’s embarrassing my dad just pushed it out in one go! So all sorted.
  2. Hi, this might be dumb but... I’m trying to install a 5.25 disc drive into the s400 drive bay. There’s a cover over the slot hiding the 5.25 bay. All normal there. On other cases I’ve done in past you just push it out, this one doesn’t seem to budge. Am I not pushing hard enough (in or out?). Or is it I have to remove the entire front panel to get access to remove it. I’ve started trying to remove front panel but finding it hard to do so cause the screws don’t seem to budge, (I’ve tried various screw drivers they all seem to slip), so reluctant to keep trying to take off front panel if don’t need to. The instructions aren’t very clear on this. Any one done this? Thanks regards