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  1. Hi :) I have purchased an ML360R (comes with 3 aRGB fans and an RGB/aRGB controller. I use it on an Asus MB that is Aura compatible but only has 12V RGB headers and no 5V aRGB headers. I know that if the motherboard had any aRGB header I wouldn't need the controller bundled with the AIO. I want to connect the 3 aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controller, connect the controller to the Mb (via USB?) and then control the aRGBs via software. Now, I read the manual for the CoolerMaster RGB/aRGB controller and some things are not very clear to me. - On the bottom of the controller there are 3 ports for connecting the controller to the MB: 1) RGB (I guess I won't be using this one), 2) USB (I guess that's the one I need to use), 3) aRGB ( I cannot use this one since my MB doesn't have any aRGB header. One would never need to use more than 1 of these ports simultaneously, right? In my case, I would need the USB connection, right? - If I connect the aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controler and then the controller to the MBvia USB, Is there any way I can control the lights using Aura sync? Or am I forced to use CoolerMaster software (MasterPlus+?)? Or can I use it without any additional software (just using the buttons on the controller)? - How should I use MasterPlus+? The web page says to update the firmmware first, which one? how? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best, -a-