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  1. My issue is similar, except my unit was working until my computer crashed. Now I’ve rebooted and had to restore my windows, and now the fan lights will not come on. The logo on the controller itself is lit, and it shows the controller is hooked up in my devices on windows settings, I just can’t get the app to recognize the controller. I have looked for the drivers, but I can’t seem to find them. I’m at a loss. Would trying a different unit work?
  2. My controller was working last night and my computer crashed. Now I've booted it up and reinstalled windows to solve some of my problems, and now my controller won't recognize. The logo lights up, but the fans don't. Ive tried to reinstall the software, but it won't recognize in the cooler master app. It does however show up in my devices in windows settings. I am at a loss. I know it's not the controller itself, as it is brand new and was just working. I wasn't sure if anyone has ran into this before and maybe knew an answer.