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  1. Had to move my computer closer. Keyboard works okey as long as it is not far from computer. If i put my hand between the keyboard and the computer it will lose connection. Bluetooth connection is realy bad. I have not heard back from CoolerMaster about this problem. I sent them a support request. I find no info on this problem online, eksept people having these troubles. no solution. I realy like the keyboard layout and keys, batterylife is okey. I will stay clear of CoolerMasterproducts in the future since the lack of support, information and bad product. I`m happy that i can return this product too my vendor and get my money back.
  2. After manualy putting the Intel driver corresponding with my bluetoothdevice (windows advice against it) and in that driver there is an option to "Allow to turn off bluetooth to save power", I disabled this option. After that it would work even when switching programs. Now the problem is the keyboard needs to be within 1,2m of the computer to work and I`m sitting 1,5m from the computer. I just found out, so I`ll be doing some more testing and post more later. I dont know much about computers, soo dont consider this advice, it`s just what I did. Any input is more than welcome.
  3. Hi. I have the same issues as described here with bluetooth, stuttering, losing connection and soo on with the SK621. I`ve spent several hours trying to fix it and reading/searching forums with no luck. I`ve put a support request. I`ll post it if they have a good answer.