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  1. What purpose has said cable? All the manual tells me is that the green and black cable connects into the RGB controller into a slot called "Mirage Effect" and nothing more. And I'm guessing I have to connect the other end to the CPU fan header of the Motherboard and the other end to the 3-FAN Splitter cable? Am I correct here?
  2. I'm talking about this one: It says its not for H500M, but does anyone know if it physically fits?
  3. Hey, I have the H500M TG and my Radiator and its fans mounted on top. The issue is now that the fans are barely able to push enough air through these holes of the mount bracket through the radiator causing my CPU and water temperature to get too hot. I also cannot mount the fans underneath the radiator to blow air out of the case through the radiator because the VRM heatsinks of my motherboard are in the way. So I was thinking if an open fan bracket might help with the airflow, I saw that the H500P has an open one (check Attachments) Are they interchangable? and if yes, how can I obtain the H500P top bracket?