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  1. could that part be used to update an original scout (Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP) with usb 2.0 to usb3.0 as long as your motherboard has the usb 3.0 connector (on board) if so is there a link to the US store to order that same part ?
  2. cheers? you just told a customer to buzz off its not your problem ? its a brand new case covered by manufactures warranty of defective shoddy manufacturing and your pawning it off to the retailer ? REALLY ?? this happened to me the same day i received my scout 5 years or so ago when i had a similar issue that to this day has not been addressed. I can tell you right now the retailer will not back the product repair or replacement because coolermaster will most likely not reimburse them as well and they know it
  3. only part the EU store supplies for the scout is the rubber case feet ... wow
  4. apparently EVERYONE is having problems with the power switch on the input output panel and no one is getting any answers other then being pointed to support and filing a ticket why is it so hard and impossible to simply have a moderator supply a part number or link to purchase one ? I bet the panel is $200 and that's why they don't give a link to cut down on profanity ?
  5. Not to be rude here ? but was just inside my scout today installing a motherboard and system and pretty much all the connectors for front panel etc are either labeled or self explanatory for anyone that ever built a PC best recommendation is to get a flashlight and some reading glasses to see the fine print and the pins on motherboard. and front usb are 2.0 so if your motherboard doesn't support 2.0 that's why you cant find a place to plug them in. Also consult your motherboard manual during install this is not the time to just wing it unless you have installed your board many times in the past .
  6. I also need the front panel been looking for over 5 years instead of pointing to support to file a ticket which never EVER led anywhere before can you simply supply a link to where we can purchase it from ?
  7. And before I get dozens of posts on how to diagnose a non start up PC ... it has been confirmed years ago the button is the issue and there is long documentation of the power button causing issues on this model which is why it was discontinued so long ago prematurely. I bet 80% of us got this case on major discount because of this. Do not get me wrong I love my scout case its simply awesome but this power button issue leaves a lot to be desired and will definitely impact whether or not my next case is made by coolermaster. Made dozens of PC's since for others and none used coolermaster cases because I cannot back a product with known failures with apparently no solutions because spent months trying to get the power button fixed when it was new and finally just gave up
  8. Power button for Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP been defective since day 1 of purchase over 5 years ago and after leaving PC on 24 hours a day because of fear it will not turn back on (last time took 4 hours and thousands of trys to get it to boot) after all this time very expensive power supply gave up the ghost and time to deal with the problem need a replacement power button (not panel just need a button) tempted to go to Napa drill an ugly hole in case and install a toggle switch and when people ask me why ? i will be sure to tell um its cause of a defective power button from day 1 of purchase
  9. Customer services will assist you ?? Is not the moderator customer service ? and if so why did he not assist instead of simply stating it ?
  10. tempted to get a toggle switch from Napa and drill a hole in case and run me a different power button as NAPA sells quality parts ...
  11. only on forum because trying to get info to replace my defective power button for this case finnaly after dealing with issues with it for over 5 years .. be thankful your power button works (if it does) mine has been internitent for 5 plus years and after leaving my pc on for 24 hours daily with back up battery because of the faulty power button it finally caused my very very very expensive power supply to fail so now dealing with the power button as the power supply costs more then a new case ans not about to have it happen again
  12. You need to look at motherboard for the model number and manufacturer type that into google followed by manual.pdf this should take you to someplace to download the manual for your motherboard, (if you have the manual handy simply open it and read no need to download) look for the pin locations for front board header panel and simply plug in your power switch.. do not plug in wrong get a flashlight and reading glasses if your old and cant see ... some things polarity isnt important some are ,,take your time plug it in right. without power switch plugged in your pc will not start so this is good news you probably have nothing wrong just need to plug it in.. if you are new to this go over EVERY connection with manual and forum info before turning it on because if you missed this lil bit of basic info possibly you got a number of other errors that will cost you fried components.