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  1. I finally got my 700m back from the builder still under warranty. They replaced the PCB - top - front inner & outer parts. Working per spec so far. I am interested in the USB firmware update, how does one even check if there is an update? If the PCB board fails again maybe I will try another brand because by then it will be outta warranty. But good luck on getting ANY parts since EVERYTHING is made in China. Hope the world wakes up and begins building their own stuff ASAP! Another non-related issue the Gigabyte 2080ti blower AMD 2970wx CPU & MSI x399 creation mobo is having though. After I put it to sleep and then wake, instead of waking normally it restarts upon wake. So I lose all saved work. Weird. I scoured the net and found many ideas, but none fix it. i tried them ALL. I did try a OS "reset" which removed all programs but saves files and that worked until I started adding back my programs / APP's. I suspect it is a program incompatibility issue....Oh well maybe after the end of May OS update MS will have fixed it. We will see.
  2. If your PCB is acting up maybe you should put another ticket in with CM and get a backup part to keep on hand. Supplies through the global slave cheap labor supplier China may be iffy even more later once CM tries to replenish stocks. Who knows, it may take years for COVID-19 to lessen its virulence. This is the most catastrophic plague anyone has ever seen now alive. Add to that the collapse of healthcare and world economies, and it is just getting started...SMH I sent my PC back to AVA and they did the parts swap and now we await an upgrade in ram. May as well while they got it and apart. I don't trust my old hands to do certain things anymore. lol Stay safe and healthy!
  3. So is your 700M functioning normal or did the dreaded LED mismatch colors return or flashes? Sadly I am afraid to take humpty dumpty apart and may send it to AVADIRECT since I am under warranty I paid for still. Maybe they can also fix the stupid Trident Z RGB ram as G-Skill softwares super sucks! I would like a swap out with Corsairs because that software works great with my keyboard & mouse. Although with the COVID-19 crap getting parts may be a prob as this crap goes viral pardon the pun... I guess I will call AVA tomorrow and get some suggestions the tech guys are nice despite some of the boo boos initially causing 2 x return shipment for them to fix stuff they missed...Sighs.
  4. Thanks! I finally got a reply on the bottom panel and requesting panel changes instructions / diagrams etc. Below is CM reply, although they did not address my question of 7 pin vs 6 pin wiring harness connections form the I assume the male female new / old (Meaning the bottom panel connector) parts will line up. CM: The bottom panel was unchanged. Only the front panel received a new 7 point contact, that was located at the bottom of the front panel itself. This would be why you didn't receive a bottom panel in addition to the other parts. We've been attempting to write out a guide for how to better explain the removal and installation process of the panels, but our time constraints don't give us a dedicated time to work on this. We unfortunately don't have a fully built C700M that we are able to dismantle and get pictures of the removal/installation process to you.
  5. Cool ty you are very kind. So I assume the new PCB has only the 7 pin connectors and since CM did not send me the bottom panel LED with the 7 pin male end it would be a waste of time to try to do it until I get the 7pin newer version. They sent the top & front & PCB only. It would be a disaster to discover mid build with everything all apart if I had to hold on another bottom part. I questioned CM about this via my ticket but not answer for 4 days and they never answer their phones but rarely... I want to be winning again! Darnit CM should not put old people into such compromised positions! We struggle getting outta bed let alone playing humpty dumpty with expensive custom built PC's. lol I could return it to AVADIrect and let them do it... but I gotta think about it. Lot's of pro's & con's to consider + I gotta get CM to send me the bottom LED part so they all have 7 pin male & female connectors I guess.
  6. Wow, sorry to hear that ChopperGunnerNL. Can you tell me if the bottom inner of your front panel door has 7 male pins & the housing behind it plus the 7 female openings on the back plate? Because if not then that may be the issue of your new failure. I find it odd that the bottom LED section of the case needs no replacement or upgraded 7 pin wiring? I'll contact CM & ask & post info here...
  7. I got this box on 1/24/20. In it is the entire front panel the exterior part that you can swing open and remove and its full length backer housing with a new connector & wiring harness for both. Also recieved was another top panel with wiring harness and the newer PCB as pictured. Odd the bottom LED strips were not mentioned or replaced. Since the newer PCB & the front / top panels will have 7 pins how will the connector from the bottom be able to plug in? See these are all variants that make me very cautious on diving into this and since they never answer their phones rarely how can I get proper answers? No install instructions on what to do in what order. The only info is the page I uploaded. When trying to contact CM after 50 tries I got ahold of someone from their retail option as he finally picked up. He said they are in the process of trying to hire 1 more phone person... That was then this is now. In that I am NO PC builder, so my trying to take humpty dumpty apart and put back together again, well I am not sure I can as I am an older person. Especially without any instructions. This hot potato was just dropped into my lap with a basic "good luck dude"! Of course those that have done builds will say oh c'mon it's easy. But I know how things can go bad really fast if someone gets inside an expensive PC moving things around, as they can actually make it worse or not even work at all. Even the PC builders who build this custom PC November 2018 were screwing up BIG time which I had to hound them to do it right and research tons of info online for hours to days to prove to them various MOBO connectors they had wrong. I was like really? A multiple thousand dollar PC and the builders are proven untrained kids who don't know what they are doing? WTF? Do I want to be forced to spend hours again learning again & try to do it myself possibly voiding my warranty with AVA or take a chance to ship this huge PC back to AVADIRECT to install the parts which they may not even do right based upon initial build and re-ships back to them already 2 times already + the FEDEX dudes we all know damage things all the time as it is not theirs. What to do I am not sure. Just to unhook the PC and box it up properly will honestly take me all day being an older person if I go that route. CM should never have released the c700M without proper field testing obviously. Customers put into this unexpected bind that purchased a 400 dollar case should never have to go through this. They cannot even be reached to support my trying to correct their bad design. If they gave me tech phone support how to do the replacement parts which would take me hours if not days then maybe I could try myself who knows... But even if then a CM tech would have to be familiar with all MOBO connections and the wiring etc. My PC was already wired by their professional wiring guy which he did do well, so would my removing the old CM wiring harness and replacing it degrade the look as well? What a mess. Jeesh, maybe I'll have to take a chance & ship it to AVA and just hope whoever works on it is better than the prior kids. In rainbow mode it works fine btw, just the static white & red are off... (eye roll) Summary: Confused.
  8. I agree. My 700M front panel began flickering sporadically just yesterday and now when I choose red the color rendered is pink. Same with white the color rendered is light yellow. But the rainbow moving appears to work ok. Unfortunately I will have to deal with the BS to get another PCB and possibly front panel. Can't call Coolermaster as they never seem to answer, so I will submit a ticket. I am not a PC builder so it will be difficult for me to do the PCB swap as I've read it uses 2 SATA's. I got it from AVADirect, so their tech support can walk me through it possibly. Who wants to spend hours doing part swaps? It will take me 20 minutes just to unhook it & get it up to eye level to work on. Sighs. Coolermaster by now knows this is a known issue with their PCB's LED units. But instead of issuing a proper recall or customer contact to those registered & make customers aware they just wait and hope their warranties expire. Update: #1 I cannot even submit a ticket yet & they are not answering their phones. Guess I'll have to wait until next week. Announcement: Dear Customer As customer satisfaction is a core value of Cooler Master, we would like to inform our customers that during the holiday season, we are expecting delays in RMA processing and Support inquiries. The volume of inquires rises exponentially every year during this time, and we would like every customer to know that we are doing our best to get back to every inquiry as soon as we can. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this situation might cause for you, and thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Cooler Master Support Team Update #2 Via the submit a ticket that began working I received a note that they were on extended "holiday". The response tech said they are waiting for parts to arrive to correct this issue. So I will just have to wait. I prefer to speak to a live person but every time I call no joy.