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  1. Have the same issue here, with a X570 ROG Crosshair viii hero , plugged everything fine (like u did) but the front fans do the same, can't change the color with the aura sync, the software pick up the fans but they seem to be "rebels" and don't want to change colors (they used to work fine but idk why they started to do that). If u found a solution please let me know
  2. Same here, with a MB530P, the rgb from the front fans are not working fine, they stay green or red and I can't change the color (I've tried aura sync, RGB fusion and the CM software. picked up by the softwares but didn't "want" to change the color ) sometimes just 1 of the leds from each fan work, I've tried a lot of things ... If you fix it somehow, please let me know~
  3. Hi, I recently bought a Masterbox MB530P and everything was fine, really cool box that include 3 aRGB fans (AB). Two days ago, the last fan's leds (on the frontal panel) suddenly stop working, I mean, the Aura sync couldn't change the color of that fan anymore, (only light white) so the first thing I did was restart my computer. It worked the first time, then the aRGB leds of the same fan stoped working again so I tried restarting, but that didn't fix the problem. Since that, I can't control the leds from that fan, it start to blink random colors and also the problem got worst bc I can't even control the leds of the other two fans. Sometimes, when I turn on my computer only 1 led from each fan works (in a color that I didn't choose). All happened suddenly, I didn't have any problem with my computer before of this and the fans spin and work great, the problem is just the lightning, other RGB components on my motherboard works great and all sincronized. The 3 argb fans are plugged right into the motherboard with the 3 to 1 splitter argb cable that came in the MB530P (Plugged in the "ADD GEN2_2" then changed to "ADD GEN2_1" 5v/3pin). I've tried changing the place where I plugged them to see if the problem was my motherboard, but didn't work.Tried to change the order of the cables on the splitter and nothing change. Looked if everything were plugged correctly and they are. Also try with other RGB fans that someone lended me and they work perfectly on my motherboard (didn't use the same splitter cable). Do I need to call for warranty and/or replace those fans? Is there any solution? Motherboard: X570 Rog Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) Box: MB530P