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  1. PRODUCT NAME MWE Bronze 550 MODEL MPX-5501-ACAAB PROBLEM: I bought this power source in the mercado libre, when I installed it on my armed PC, the source worked without problems, but after a week a strange sound began to sound as if something collided with the fan but there was no cable, I don't know the origin of what the sound can cause. The sound begins to sound when I turn on the PC and for a period of 1 hour the sound is remarkable, then the sound begins to calm down. The PC works normally but the sound is caused by the source, I do not know if it is due to low temperature since we are in December and where I live we are at 18 ° C. evidence: (sound no virus its a sound of the powersupply format .m4a) More information on the energy source: note: i use the traductor google XD