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  1. Hello, The side of the fan is blow in in to the casing. 59 celcius is very good for the idle temperature? But my full load temperature is 69 or 70 celcius, 4 more celcius it can damage my CPU That link you give it to me i cannot run on it, it say it do not support for my processor
  2. Hello all, I bought a Cooler Master Casing 690 with 5 fan inside in the casing, top fan blow in, front fan blow in, bottom fan blow in, rear fan blow out But the temperature on my CPU is remain the same when mount Hyper TX2, any ideal how to drop down the templerature. Below is the CPU temperature when is full load, when is idle the CPu temperature is 59 celcius
  3. So you use the alcohol and the sand papper to rub it to make the base copper shine like mirror?
  4. Ya, i think is my stupid case keep my CPU hot, thank for your help
  5. I am using Intel motherboard D945PLRN and i am using Speed fan to measure my CPU templerature My CPU templerature is 55 degree celcius when idle, when load is 65 degree celcius. Internal Templerature is 45 degree celcius. Remote Templerature is 40 degree celcius. Local Templerature is 40 degree celcius. Is that any problem with my motherboard?
  6. My fan aim towards the front, thats mean the fan blow the air out to the back of casis. The fins point at the back of the casis. Is that any wrong with my installation
  7. -But the TX2 is use the pin to mount on matherboard, how came it was not tight? -The TX2 itself contant thermal paste should i add more on it? -I have correct mounting on it and i feel warm on it, thats mean i mount it properly but the templerature still the same Any idea how to discover my problem
  8. Hello, i have buy Hyper TX2 for my CPU cooler of Pentium D 940, before that i use my stock cpu cooler and the templerature is 55 celcius, and when i replace and install the Hyper TX2 cpu cooler, the templerature is remain the same and did not drop, what is happen Someone can solve my problem, thank you