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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the reply. Is this something I will need to request?
  2. Well, I just finished an RMA to send the case back. I really do like the case and will give another one a try. I'm just hoping this isn't a systemic issue with these latches as this is supposed to be a "flagship" case. I would still like to know if anyone else has had this issue and if so what is CoolerMaster doing about it?
  3. For some reason the latches on both of the front "wing" panels of my case have stopped working. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there a fix for it?
  4. I've been doing a little research and I'm pretty sure I can drop in a Koolance HX1020 radiator on the inside of the case and use my exterior mounted fans to handle the air movement. Just aren't sure if they will provide sufficient air flow through the radiator.
  5. I'll definitely be following this thread. I've placed 3 120mm fans on the top/inside of my "S" case and am hoping I can fit a 3 fan radiator on the top/outside of the case. I'm just not certain that there is enough space there once you put the exterior top grill on.
  6. Anyone have any insight into how the Aquagate Max stacks up against Koolance products?
  7. Also for other high power PSU's. Link CM has Modular PSU's (M serie), although they haven't been able to release them to the US yet. Thanks for pointing that out Max! I figured there was some reasonable explanation that eluded me. Could it be that this is also why the connecting cables were not made so that they could be removed if not used?
  8. Completely agree with this idea. I just finished upgrading my case (Cosmos S) and PS (CM Real Power Pro 1250 watt). I was a little disappointed with the Power Supplies lack of a on/off switch and that the connectors were not removable. Having to find a place inside the case for all those unused connectors is not helpful for cable management. P.S. Hello to everyone! This is my first post on these boards since I've become a CM "family member."