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  1. Good Morning Pclinde. I recently purchased a Cooler Master Trooper SE case, and share the frustrations of users like Mark, who you have helped sort out his front panel wiring issues in the past. I too, have spent many hours, trying to figure out the wiring shown in attached photo, I have also posted elsewhere on this forum. My project is currently on hold, until I am comfortable, all wiring originating from the front control panel has been connected properly. Any help in this regard, would be appreciated. 

    Trooper Connections.jpg

  2. Hi Mark. Did you ever get this all sorted out? I just purchased  a Cooler Master Trooper SE and can relate to your frustrations. I have yet to find a 'Useful' Wiring Diagram or Manual on the Cooler Master Website, or surprisingly enough, anywhere else, helping to resolve my confusion. Your explanation of where all of the wires go, now that you have likely figured all of this out by now - would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello everyone. My project build is almost completed, with the exception of the two connectors, illustrated as A&B in the attached photo. I know several others have asked for similar help in the past. Unfortunately, those links referencing useful (wiring diagrams or manuals) previously posted in response to such questions, by this user group, appear to be currently unavailable. So here I am, repeating the questions, "What are connections "A" and "B" for, and whereabouts on a motherboard like the Asus Prime X299 Deluxe II, should they be connected? I see no matching ports on my mobo to accommodate these two connections. Perhaps conversion cables are required? Until I get this wiring sorted out, this build, is pretty much at a stand still. Useable current links to any Wiring Manuals, specifically for the Trooper SE, or simply your helpful comments, would be appreciated.