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  1. I have just finished installing the "RGB LED Controller" the packaging or manual doesn't provide any links to the software. it just says visit I have managed to find some download links for Portal software, but it just says make sure i am connected to the internet when i open it. no signs of my device I have also tried the PEF only portal program and just gives a no devices connected message. The RGB on my fans connected to the controller is working but i have no means of controlling it. If i plu / unplug the device from my motherboards USB headers it makes the noise through windows that a device has been connected / disconected. However i cant see the device anywhere there appears to be an extra device in device manager caled "HID-Compliant system controller" when i plug or unplug it. this may be conincidence, im not sure but im reluctant to disable it as there are of these and i cant tell which one is appearing when i plug / unplug