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  1. problem resolved. I took the wraith ripper apart and swapped the direction of the fan. All is good the temperature after around 30 mins of play of star wars jedi fallen order on 4k max settings reached 77c on cpu, rather than the high 80s knocking onto 90-91c. Air flow is just going in 1 direction.
  2. Hi I was wondering if someone can help me. I need to change the direction of the Fan in the Wraith ripper cooler. Because I changed the orientation of my tower, The airflow direction goes from right to left. So my exhaust fan is blowing out, but the cooler fan is sucking in on the exhaust side and blowing out towards my intake fans at the front. If I can change the direction of the fan inside the Wraith ripper, everything can flow from Left to right. I have checked youtube, and done a search on google to find detailed instructions or videos on how to disassemble the wraith ripper, but I was unable to find anything. Please can someone help. I need to correct this ASAP, as CPU 2950x is running hot, when playing games in 4K on max settings, Especially Star wars Jedi fallen order. I am hitting 90c-91c, after hour of playing.