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  1. I upgraded an old Dell Precision T-1500 to an also older i7 860. I wanted to add a cooler and the 212 was on sale. When it arrived and I went to install the back bracket, I noticed that the mb already has a bracket keeping the cpu frame attached to the mb. These cannot be unscrewed. The mounting holes on the front of the mb don’t go all the way through to the other side, so the directions don’t work. I tried to screw the standoffs in the front holes of the mb, but on the fourth screw, it snapped under pressure. So now I’m giving it a shot on my second lga1156 board for a Dell. How in the heck do I mount this cooler if the existing bracket doesn’t come off and the holes are threaded and don’t go all the way through? My brain hurts from trying to figure out something that should be very simple. Any help would be appreciated.