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  1. hi there, i would like to know, how long do i have to wait to get an answer for an RMA request?, it's been since september since i had opened a ticket, and i still haven't get an answer from coolermaster, when i tried calling tech support they won't even answer the line even after 1hr waiting, and when they do answer they said call us back later ( like WTF! ) lately had to resort to reddit to get some INFO or help and still nothing (but atleast the one that asked me for info saids something like, i'll let tech support know the issue) . it's a shame i placed my trust in this company and i'm already regretting it ( with only 6 months from purchased and 5 year warranty) , should i keep waiting for a response or give up and move along and forget this company for my future items?
  2. good question, i had open a ticket since september and i still waiting for an answer by the time, not even a hello from them