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  1. So i contacted them and the only explnation they had for this enormous delay is that the RMA center doesn't have a replacement for my cooler at the moment, wish honnestly makes no sence. I realy love cooler master's products. but because of this nightmare of an RMA service, im doubting buying anymore of their products!
  2. I bought a masterliquid ML240R RGB around a year ago and two months ago i started having problems with the led that would start having a sort of seizure every time i would chose a color cycle. The problem would sort of calm down when I chose a static color. Anyways i RMA'd it and i sent it to CM, but its been three weeks and i have no news on what happened. It sais on the RMA status they received it, but i have no idea what has happened and I've been waiting for around 3 weeks. I need my pc for school and i can't do anything right now for there seems to be no customer support on the CM account site. I'm confused and have no idea what to do, can somebody help, i need a cooler for my CPU and im dissapointed they haven't told me anything on what is going on with my cooler.