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  1. Hello, I'm building a home PC for work (photography, video editing) and gaming, some times. Initially I was planning to use the i7-8700(k) and had good advise to use the Hyper 212 so I bought the black edition. But 8700k is geeting pricy, closer to 9700K and hard to find. So I decided to go directly to i9-9900K. I know, I know, I should have decided to CPU prior to the cooling now I'm wondering whether Hyper 212 would be enough or it's better to get it back and replace to a water cooller as H115i pro or any other. Any advise, please? my build is: Motherboard: Gigabyte M Gaming Z390, processor i9-9900K Power supply: CM MWE 650W Gold Cabinet: NZXT H500 Video Card: Radeon RX 590 many thanks