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  1. First, to put some perspective I'll start explaining that I live in Argentina, where custom components are either unattainable cause you can't find them or just ridiculously expensive if you don't actually make your livelihood from building and customizing PCs, so you can justify expending a s**tton of money on PC parts. The x3 fan pack of Pro 120 RGB costs U$D 55 in the USA and U$D 100 here, or the cheapest built 2080ti at U$D 1666. But anyway, I'm rambling... I recently purchased a MasterLiquid Maker 240 (on its way) while checking every part for future upgradeability and decided to puchase an extra fan in case I want to updgrade the radiator to 360mm and not find the fan available when the time comes. Researched the part numbers and everything and bought an extra retail Masterfan Pro 120 RGB Air balance (from now on, the Pro 120 AB, on its way too with the Maker 240), which share the exact same part number and label on the back. Pictures below taken from (fans from the Maker 240 package) and (retail Pro 120 AB). Now... little did I know that the retail Pro 120 AB is a 1300 rpm fan with SP of 0.96 mmH2O unlike the ones that come in the Maker 240 bundle, which are 2000 rpm with SP of 2.34 mmH2O. Yes, I'm a freaking idiot, why didn't I check the specs which are available at CM's site. Well, just a fumble. Considering that the return policies in my country, unlike in the US or Europe, are basically "No, go f*** yourself, not our problem if it wasn't what you needed" unless the part is actually defective and most be RMA'ed, I'm stuck with it (maybe resell it used so it's not a total loss). So, the question is: what retail/purchasable fan in the CM stack can be compared the closest to the bundled fans on the Maker 240 while being aesthetically similar/identical? Because unless I sell them all and buy a whole new set of fans, this is a problem that I am gonna run into in the future. If I ever want to upgrade the radiator to 360mm, I'm s*** out of luck with the fans unless I put a completely unmatched fan (by specs or looks) alongside the original ones. So, the 240 radiator goes and so do the fans, no reuse value, just nonsense. I was checking the MF120R, which are almost the same (except for ARGB vs RGB?), at 2000 rpm/2.14 mmH2O SP, closer to the originals' specs than the retail Pro 120 AB (which has the exact same part number and name and EVERYTHING...) and look basically identical, so just be sacrificing a little of SP on that 3rd fan, which should be just unmeasurable. I would have been actually OK with the Pro 120 AB having a little less SP if the rpms matched with the bundle fans, so not to have such a disparity in speed. For now, it seems I'll have to cut my loses and sell them all and buy a new set of fans when the time comes. Any help? TL;DR: the Maker 240 bundled fans have the same part number and label than the Masterfan Pro 120 RGB Air balance but substantially different specs (200 vs 1300 rpm/ 2.34 vs 0.96 mmH2O SP). Any CM fan that looks like the bundled fans with similar specs, mainly speed? In case you can't see the attachments