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  1. OMG!!!! I've want to know how'd you do it!!! Hoping that you win!!!! I've just started arduino myself for basic movements but yours is just the best!!!
  2. ....And Done!!! That was an exhilarating experience for me and more so because it will be my entry for my first ever CMWS.! Thank you all for viewing this build, there are some pictures that were lost when my camera's sd card failed but most of it were saved in my spare pc. I would like to thank my family, my girlfriend Laires, my daughter Ivana, Baguio Modder's Inc., Cooler Master Philippines, Aloy Magtotoy of Corsair Philippines, Jayson Abuel of Phenomenal Solutions Phils, Matthew Yap of AMD Phils for the love and support you have given. I your love and support is what motivates me to continue modding and sharing the mods I do. Here are more shots of "Agent 0".
  3. Next were the front-side, top exhaust and gpu water block acrylic pieces. Just like before, sand, paint, dry and mount. Changed the distilled water with FTW orange concentrate..... Installed the rest of the acrylic pieces... I used vinyl cut-out stickers for the shield skill, SHD Eagle and Rouge Status logo for the GPU water block piece. And at this point the changed the black/carbon black cable sleeves to orange black to go along with the paint theme. . ...Powered up to rig to check and configure mystic lights... ....
  4. After making sure that the "armor" pieces were aligned to the "shield", I drilled 3mm holes for the allen screws. I could have used double sided tape for it but the screws made it look "tougher" as it is a shield. I then cut some trapezoid shaped masking tape and taped it in front of the armor pieces and painted it flat black and orange at the back. After the paint has dried, I gently peeled off the masking tape to reveal the orange paint. Screwing the armor pieces to the shield.... ...Ze cat approves!
  5. After the PSU shroud was finished, the next was the front "shield" panel of the case. Before mounting it, I had to bend the edge of the shield using my DIY bender and a converted power supply. I got to excited and proceeded to paint the bottom shield before even making sure the "armor" was measured and placed lols.
  6. After power up the rig and confirming that the pump and the rest of the system was working, it's time for the acrylic pieces to be bent, sanded and painted, I used an old psu shroud I made a few months ago from acrylic that needed a bit of trimming and a new paint job. After that , the pieces for the shroud were sanded, painted and mounted to it using 3mm allen screws.
  7. After the paint has dried, wiped the excess off the tubes with a microfiber cloth and reinstalled the tubes back. Filled the loop with distilled water to check for leaks and it will be the first time for the lights on the gpu block to be switched on with the newly painted tubes.
  8. Before finishing the loop, I mounted the Bykski water block on the reference 5700 XT and finishing the loop and rested it on the vertical mount. Disassembled the hard tubes for sanding and painting.
  9. Before installing the acrylic pieces, I decided to build the water cooling system of the rig. I decided to use hard tubes instead of the stock soft tubes of the masterliquid LCS. I painted the processor water block and the bracket with plastidip. I installed the hard tubes for me to be able to measure and later paint the PETG hard tubes.
  10. This is my first time to use CorelDRAW to make designs for the panels on the acrylic to be cut. I usually just go old school but for this mod I wanted to try having the acrylic pieces cut by laser. It took me weeks before I was able make a design lols. Here are the designs I made for the acrylic pieces. I had the pieces cut by a local t shirt/logo maker who happens to be not doing anything and had the pieces done.
  11. Did a pre assembly of the hardware to see what the general look will be. Used a CM 240 AIO and an MSI VEGA 56 Airboost as test hardware and for me to install the OS and for benchmarking.
  12. Good day everyone! I'm Mike Dulay from the Philippines and this is my first time in joining the Cooler Master World Series. The theme of my mod is the Shield skill from the game The Division 2 by Ubisoft. I've always wanted to make a mod based on this game and here is my take on it. The hardware: - Ryzen 7 3700X - MSI MEG x570 ACE - Sapphire 5700 XT Reference - Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3200mhz - Corsair MP300 M.2 NVMe 120gb - Corsair AX1200i Watts PSU - Cooler Mastercase H500 - Cooler Master Masterliquid Maker 240 - Cooler Master ATX 24 Pin 90 degree Adapter - Cooler Master Masterfan SF120R - Cooler Master Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit - Bykski GPU water block for reference 5700 XT