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  1. Release date of new 2011 Cosmos???

    The MSRP still the same $349.99
  2. Release date of new 2011 Cosmos???

    We're almost ready guys. We just received our beta testing samples and currently working days and nights on last minute bugs. Beside providing an awesome looking case, we also focus on the overall user experiences with building and using the case. Like our other high end cases, we're going to post up a count down and more information of this case very soon. Stay tuned for more update information.
  3. Release date of new 2011 Cosmos???

    Hi Everyone, Yes we do read this forum. Yes we do value our consumers. Like i mentioned previously, this case is very complex and unlike anything we've done before. We're spending extra time and efforts to work out as much bugs as possible before releasing to the market. We appreciate the patience from all of our fans who's been waiting for this case. We can assure you that when you receive the case, you will appreciate the extra time we've spent on perfecting the Cosmos II.
  4. Release date of new 2011 Cosmos???

    Funny It's our high end chassis so we're spending extra time and effort fine tuning the case before release.
  5. Release date of new 2011 Cosmos???

    Not too long, not too soon.
  6. Storm Sniper I/O panel USB 3.0 upgrade?

    Hi Reverend, We have a large shipment of i/o panel coming soon. You should expect to see it on our CM Store sometime in late FEB or early March. If you purchase our HAF 912 Advanced recently, we will ship one to you for free. For other chassis, you could purchase it as an accessory.
  7. anybody know OEM cooler 5A307-027?

    Hello, This cooler is OEM for HP so most of the time we do not have information in our retail department. But even if CM manufacture it, sometimes we have agreement with our OEM partner that prevent us from releasing information. I suggest in order to get the parts/information needed, you should try to talk to HP first. Once HP give us the OK, then we could see if we could assist you.
  8. HAF 912 Advanced - WHY No USB 3.0??? :)

    Hi Nick, Must be the first version. If i remember correctly, we brought in a small QTY for CM Store of the first version before the USB 3.0 adaptation. We will switch out to the Asia version with USB 3.0 once our inventory depleted.
  9. HAF 912 Advanced - WHY No USB 3.0??? :)

    Hi Nickt1862, The HAF 912 advanced comes with USB 3.0. Are you referring to HAF 912?
  10. would love to get a cm case but i have concerns

    Every tree will have a few bad apples. Same with our production, even with all the QC and QA applied to every product. However, we will do our best to service you in case you run into some issues. We have our forums, live chat, telephone, and email all dedicated to after service. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.
  11. Thoughts on new HAF X case.....

    Hi Footman, Thank you for your suggestions. Those are definitely valid and will be implemented into our future products.
  12. HAF-X Question
  13. Where can I buy a Vortex Plus?

    Great to see you're still browsing the CM forum Grump! The Vortex will be available next week. You will see them in our Where to Buy section when it's launched.
  14. HAF-X Question

  15. Preview: Black Edition HAF 932!

    Like we mentioned at CEBIT, it will be available in June.