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  1. Nothing? This seems a straight forward question with an easy solution. But apparently it is impossible? I sure hate to return my product for a more straightforward fan solution. At least my case has about 4-inches of room behind the motherboard to house multiple fan/rgb wires if I have to.
  2. I purchased the SF360R ARGB fan as it is a single fan, and not three separate fans with three power connectors and three RGB connectors, so it simplifies wiring. I am glad someone has finally made one. I have been complaining for well over a decade for this simple solution to many different manufacturers. I'm very glad CM has built one. Anyway, I can't just plug in the ARGB connector of the SF360R as it has a blocked RGB pin connector. The Asus has an extension cable, but it is full 4-pin connector. Since it said it was compatible, I thought it was plug-n-play. Apparently not. Maybe I missed something? Or do I just need an adapter from CM to Aura? Where would I find it? Thanks for any help. -=Mark=- EDIT: Forgot to mention my motherboard is an: Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming
  3. My guess is make sure the front panel RGB controller panel is connected to power. They need power to turn on.
  4. I have a MB320L case with 2 ARGB fans icluded, plus I have a 3-pack MasterFan MF120R A-RGB 3 fan kit. The case has a weird 5-way y-connector. I have an Asrock MB (B450M-HDV R4.0) and I think it has a RGB connecxtor on the MB. My question, how do I connect it to my MB instead of the case controller? Should my fans all blow in, a few in and a few out? My specs. Asrock B450M-HDV R4.0 Ryzen 7 3800X RGB Cooler 16GB Oloy Warhawk RGB 3200 MHz 700 Watt ThermalTake ToughPower GX1 RGB 80+ Gold Asrock RX 5700 XT Challenger D
  5. I just bought the Master Case Pro. Everything fits fine (Neptron 280L). It was an X99 system that I needed as my quad core wasn't cutting it. My budget said I was getting the 5820K with the nepton on top. The front looked like too much work as it had fans preinstalled. I sadly forgot to connect said fans to the motherboard and I'm too lazy to take the panel off and connect them. There is just very little room in the case once everything is installed. I bought a NVMe 2.5 SSD and it won't work with the supplied 2.5" mounts. Can I order a thicker cage as this NVMe is twice as thick as a normal SSD? The top o this thing keeps popping of when I move it to clean or dig something out from under it. It doesn't seem broken. It just doesn't seem to snap in place so it slides off easy. It would have been nice for an 8th PCI slot for cards that have a video card slot in slot 7. I didn't need this. just saying. It would give some extra room as well. I had to remove the drive cage as it was interfering with my long video card. It is nice that it is removable and adjustable. I just removed it for better air low. This seems to be a mid-ATX tower. Is there going to be a full-ATX version in the future? But for the price, this case has a lot of features and nice construction.
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    You should list your exact model o 970, they make many different ones. I see no reason it wouldn't work. I have an AMD Radeon R9 390 that is very long and it clears no problem. Worst case is the front hard drives cage may be in the way, but they are movable (removable). There is no room past the seventh card slot, so you may not be able to use the bottom (7th) slot if it has a 2-slot cooler.