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  1. Link to the video below: Cable Management was a nightmare with this build. Not a lot of space to work with. I already suck with cable management on most builds. Go modular when using a PSU for this case to help with cable management. It was extremely hard to plug in almost everything into the motherboard. I recommend plugging in as much as you can into the motherboard OUTSIDE the case. I use the G100M with a 2600x CPU and it runs warmish in my opinion (40C). This build took me so long just because I was plugging everything in. Once everything is said and done, everything looks really pretty. Part list is below: Ryzen 5 2600X: Cooler Master G100M Air Cooler (CPU): Cooler Master MasterCase H100: Gigabyte GTX 1650 Mini: ROG STRIX ASUS B450-I Pro Wifi: Patriot Viper Blackout Edition 3000Mhz: Cooler Master 500 MWE Bronze, 80+: