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  1. Hey Laurent, I received your photos but if you see this could you help me to fill out this form again. I think ther was some issues with our server and I didn't get yours.
  2. Hello everyone, my name is YU HAN, from China. I am very happy to participate in Case Mod World Series again. The last time was almost five years ago, when it was the world runners-up in the Scratch Buid category. Unfortanately this site is blocked in China so I could not share my worklog like everyone else, but please find all the pictures below. My mod this year is called "Mechanical Wasp." This work is my original work, the theme is the wasp, which uses mechanical and technological methods, and the overall work is very futuristic. If you give it an anonymous role, I hope that this wasp is a fighting hero and does not want it to be evil. . . Hahahaha. The production of the work uses a lot of processing techniques, such as CNC, 3D printing, laser cutting, and of course a lot of hand-made pieces. The production cycle of this work is also relatively long, almost more than 400 hours. Great efforts have been made in design, basically every joint can be active, including wings, legs and tails. I am still satisfied with the overall presentation. Finally, I hope everyone in the contest does well!
  3. Yes you will be contactd if we need more information, we won't be disqualifying anyone without trying to resolve any issues first.
  4. I saw you already re-submitted again so it should be OK now right?
  5. The Finals is here for #CMWS19 Follow this link and complete steps 1 - 4 (Complete before 10/10) CLICK HERE - Make sure you have completed all 4 steps to ensure your entry is submitted in full, and entered into the public voting contest. Recap on important dates Judges will carefully browse through every entry & worklog (Between 10/20 - 11/04) Public Voting (Opens between 10/23 - 11/04) Winner announcement (Announced on 11/14) Good luck and if you have any questions, comment below.
  6. #CMWS19 INTRODUCING THE JUDGES Find out who the judges are this year and what they will be looking for. What do you think of this year's judges? Comment below
  7. Ann Ann


    Ohhh so gliterry!! Can't wait to see the final cm logo distro :):)
  8. have you changed the size of the case? It looks smaller. That is your style I remember the one we brought to computex that year too! Looks great! Glad to have you back on this year.