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  1. First time i'm going to build a pc, and i am twisting my brain on this. So i am planning on getting the Cooler Master MB530P This case includes 3 fans, each fan has one fan header, and rgb header. The case includes the rgb controller (Small) Now i need to connect 6 fans My motherboard has 6 fan header connectors, so fan headers isn't my issue, but the rgb headers are, Is it possible to use two small rgb controllers? and if not, then what am i supposed to do, i will have two 1to3 argb splitters, and i am really confused on how i'm supposed to connect all 6 rgb headers from the fans, or do i need to buy the bigger controller? Also if you guys could include a picture on how to connect all 6 fans with either, the small controller or the big controller, that would be most usefull! Since i have a really hard time understanding this process. So all in all, Instructions on how to connect 6 Cooler Master MASTERFAN MF120R ARGB fans. My Motherboard is the Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi. Please try to give the best instruction properly, since i am going to build my pc very soon, and i have to make sure i do it properly.