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    Really sexy and awesome (as always) You rock (heja dig)
  2. Day 3 was mostly Fusion concept itterations to decide on a path with the great exeption of the 2nd pump bracket. Started day forth fairly late as I had regular workday (as most of us do) but decided to start working on the front of the PSU shroud and the pump top cover. First piece of the printer was this concept of a bottom plate. Mounted the 2nd pump bracket and that plate design fits good. Time to start with the 2nd piece. My idea for this pump cover is to print it with as many flat parts as possible. Will not only make for MUCH faster print times, but should making sanding and finishing much easier. Second part was the corner piece of the bottom. Finish isn't great, but I try to print all concept and test parts as fast as possible. With a production piece you have to start to think about finish and print orientation. With that in mind I opted for this slide in / click in design for the back inside wall of the front shroud and pump cover. Just 10mm of height (for testing) but the real will be 130mm tall. Fits pretty good if I can say so myself. Next couple of hours went to make more pieces and finally trying them all together. Next step was starting on making the inside wall / motherboard plate fastening holes. I need the wall in it's correct location to be able to plan where to put both the motherboard and ensure I have enough room for the dual reservoirs and clearing the height of the PSU shroud. For reasons I can't disclose yet, I need the PSU shroud to be exactly 135mm in height. With that in mind, i printed some drill templates mirroring my previous snap in pins. I put the wall in place, snapped in the templates and made approriate holes. Some regular dishsoap works as lub for drilling acrylic. Slow speed on the drill and even preasure. After moving around the AMAZING ASUS ROG Maxium X Formula I decided on this location. It is SUPER tight. It is almost against the top fans and still only 8mm clearance at the bottom. Absolutely no room for error. The Alphacool reservoirs will be placed somewhere here and this is a sneak peak on how I invision the interior of the build. With the inside wall / motherboard plate out of the way I could move on to where I need to push work - the PSU shroud. I was previously very happy with my snap-in bracket for holding the inside wall. I decided to use the same solution for the shroud. A quick alteration in Fusion 360 and 1h print later I had to almost solid clips. A 3mm thread and ready to test. This solution is amazing. It clips in so hard that I could actually lift the case without even adding the bolt. Something I still did of course. 130mm exactly. Super happy. The acrylic is 5mm, making it a perfect 135mm as ordered. The clips are super, will use them in the future for other mods. So easy to adjust height and then just add a shroud plate ontop. If you want the design, let me know and I can send you an .stl. Speaking of shroud. Here is the top of the PSU shroud before I cut it. 489mm long and 18.8mm wide (not easy to cut that exactly by hand, but managed). After some detail trims for the backside corner I was ready to test the design of my clips and get a first glims of the design direction of my mod. This is where I will end tonight. I needed to push atleast to the shroud as I have ALOT of work ahead of designing and making a GPU bracket. Fit and drill the holes for the motherboard and start to plan the loop. Got the hole backside plate to print as well. That will be atleast 30h print if not more.
  3. Waking up to a successful print is a great feeling. Waking up to a successful print on the second day of CMWS19 is an awesome feeling. Happy with my pumpbracket. Fits perfectly. Snaps in place with just a little push and will not only keep the two pumps in place, but will help keep the case more rigid as I have removed every bar and steel component from it. After a lot of planning, measurements, a few dummy pieces in cardboard I took out the 5mm thick acrylic that will serve as the new inside mounting wall and motherboard tray. Trimming detailed cuts on my Ryobi saw is just amazing. Love that saw. This is how it will fit from the backside. I'm moving the backside "wall" 40mm further into the case to make room for some backside goodies. Unhidden | Tribute Decided, as I usually try to do when I mod, to keep the case as it is. No drilling or cutting into the original case. That is my main idea. Therefor I decided to hang the wall onto the radiator frames. After some thought I came up with this design in Fusion 360. A snap in bracket to fit exactly into the cable cutouts of the radiator frames. After less than 1 hour on the print bed I got a perfect fit from start.It snaps into place from the inside of the radiator bracket. From the outside it shows how snug fit it is. Test drilled two 5mm holes 12mm apart in a scrap piece of acrylic. It worked like a charm. Had to test with it onto the bracket and with a 5mm thick acrylic. It is just a little loose, just like I need it, as I plan to add a little more surface thickness when I do the wall finish. After that I still wanted to ensure the inside wall would stay in place with more then just a few plastic pins. Decided to create a little more complex piece and make use of the dual corner frame of the case. Came out really nice on the first print. Twist and snap onto the two bolt rivets of the case and then a screw from the original box and it fits perfectly. It both squeezes the wall onto the PSU bracket as well as giving the acrylic an edge to stand on. Super happy. Had to try the pump bracket. Only have one printed, but it is still very sturdy. This gives a little sneak peak into what I'm after. Had a very productive day and have a pretty good idea what to do with the PSU shroud that will be the next piece. Leaving this day 2 with the second pump bracket loaded into the 3D printer. In 9h I will know if it turned out as good as the first one. Slightly different design.
  4. Nice worklog and project, like where this is going...
  5. Cool concept, really like this so far. Will keep an eye on this for sure
  6. First day of modding. Super excited. Started at 6am with breakfast and a long session in Fusion 360. Can't say I felt bad with a Coolermaster T-shirt and a Alphacool coffeemug in my hand. First thing was to start 3D-printing to maximize work hours. Print while doing other stuff. This is just a small piece, printed on my Ultra fast print profile, to make sure I had measurements correct. Had to make one adjustment and run it again. The idea is to print the entire backside "plate" with honeycomb mesh patter. I also need a bracket to hold the custom motherboard plate. Visible as a 20mm vertical edge on the above print. After some hours to many I had decided on a placement for my dual Alphacool Eispumpe with plexi RGB top. I will need to create a custom bracket to hold both the pumps, but had already accepted that. Unboxed the Alphacool radiators and Coolermaster fans and put it all together. One rad in the front and one at the top. Pretty much standard. Also onboxed the Coolermaster V1000 Platinum PSU and fitted that. I want all the components mounted as early as possible, just to ensure I have enough room and that they end up in the right place. Important for the next few days. No room for even 1mm off and I do all work by hand. Next couple of updates will hopefully show what I'm refering to, depending on the speed of my progress. After about an hour in Fusion 360 I had an working model of the pump brackets. Decided to 3D print them. If they wont end up sturdy enough I have designed them in a way so I can just slide in an aluminum bar at the back wall as it is exactly 20mm in the inner measurement. Almost 3h on the bed, even with the uggly fast print profile, but still happy. Had to make 2 adjustments to perfectly align the bottom holes with the frame of the case. Ending this modding day at 21pm. Long day. Not that much physical to show for, but super happy. I have a pretty good idea how to proceed from here and I have discarded almost 10 concepts for the shroud and motherboard plate. Think I have it down for tomorrow. Best thing with 3D printing parts, is that the printer runs while I sleep. I got a 10h print (the pump bracket) loaded. Very curious how it will turn out tomorrow morning.
  7. Just look at that beautiful case. Will be hard to mod this amazing thing and still keep it as clean as possible. For me, this entire mod is about taking away enough to get more attention to the case, but enough to make it a real mod. Find that balance will be the big challenge. Thanks to amazing support from Coolermaster this amazing platinum PSU will be the beating heart. I have a plan to get the PSU visible, but still use a shroud. To ensure every single product in this mod will be unhidden and tributed. Any big project needs it fans. Again lucky with the support, I got these amazing Masterfan Pro 120 to be the showcase of the mod. I plan to make them visible in a very special way. Based on an idea I got from a previous mod. It is almost breathtaking to watch all this power from Alphacool. So much water cooling godness going into one case. Almost hard to believe how I will fit it all. Happy with this first evening. Took a few hours to rig the photo studio and take pictures of all the products. Then carefully started to pick the Coolmaster Cosmos C700P apart. I'm left with the frame and have a great starting point for tomorrows full day of modding. Let the game beging. Still a little creative panic, so much to do in so little time. Less then 4 weeks to do a full mod from scratch. Haven't even started Fusion 360 for the 3D prints yet... Yes, I can feel the pressure...
  8. Ever since the first Cosmos I have had a dream to own that case. When the C700P was released I knew I HAD to own it and mod it. Making it extra special for me to enter the CMWS19, both on the 10th anniversary, but also with this amazing tower. The idea of the mod is to pay tribute to the case. Modding it, but still leave as untouched as possible. I also want to expose 100% of the case. To do that I will spend as much time on the backside as the frontside. To crown that idea, I got a 2nd window to ensure the backside is Unhidden It will be a custom water cooling hard tube setup with dual loops. I also plan to 3D print parts I want to thank my sponsors for this project Coolermaster Sweden / Nordics Alphacool And with continuous support of: add:north - Swedish Filament Ryobi