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  1. Here is my project Unhidden | Tribute A huge thank you to Cooler Master for both organizating this event, but also for sponsoring me Huge thank you to Alphacool, add:north and Ryobi.
  2. That is one sexy backside. I did the last vinyl pieces and I'm close to loop filling. Printed a PSU brace bracket to keep the shroud level. Love that two tone of the case now, with matte black ontop, front and back, but the case intact. Makes the characteristic handles pop even more. 3D printed custom back plates with cut outs for GPU and Motherboards. Just need 2h of sanding and they will be perfect. Printed a fan cover for the radiator inside. Added some magnetic tape. Handy. What a wonderful logotype that is? No, it's not a rail way crossing. it's a SSD bracket Slide in for easy access, complete with cable cover plate. Now I'm ready to fill and take some photos (if it doesnt leak)
  3. A picture can say a thousand words, but not sure it can cover all the frustration (cursing) from 200h of failed prints, but I have one more item to manage on my plan for this entire mod. The crown piece to earn the name of the mod - Unhidden | Tribute. But I was determined to print a full custom front with cutouts for the fans, to show them as well as adding a little personal touch to the otherwise fairly untouched case. Complete with the authentic snap in and fold out design of the original front. Toook some tries to get that one right with guess-and-print approach. As the design of the original front is extended beyond the frame I wanted to design a frame/tunnel that goes all the way into the fans. Precision required. Tested a few designs, but decided to print it with an edge on the front pieces and an edge on the fan rings. That way I had something to glue/fuze the pieces once done. Moved on to test how to merge the pieces the best way. To thin (just 2,4mm) to do metal enforced pins. Decided to go with a printed plug and use Acrifix on the entire edge. Couple of hundred of hours and some kilometers of add:norths finest filament, but it is close now. Yummy. Complete with a cut out of a very famous and awesome logo Voila! That is starting to look just like the real front panel, just with a little more holes. I ended up melting some filament ontop of each joint. Didn't trust just the bond of the Acrifix after a stress test. Going to pull A LOT on these pieces during sanding. Don't want to have to restart after second last sanding. The real rings fuzed together as they have to be much thinner where they join as two fans share one edge. Sorry for the really bad picture. I had a fight with Dropbox and accidently deleted most of the pictures of the sanding process. Mostly 50h of screaming muscle ake and dust, but getting close to a good finish. As I'm going to add vinyl it's very unforgiving. Paint fills, so with primer you could prob go here, but I still need 3-4 more Putty applications and a few more full rotations of wet sanding (280, 320, 480, 600, 800, 1000) Thank you Cooler Master Nordics for sending that badge <3. Printed a holder for it to snap into the backside of my front. Same exclusive matte vinyl added to this. Going to look nice to the two tone finish of the rest of the case accentuating the lines of the C700P. Tomorrow is the final day. I got some hours left with the 3D printer with the finishing pieces
  4. Thx m8, Looking promising so far, but still doing sanding and plastering as well
  5. Love what you do. Push bounderies and innovation in a totally new way. I love that <3 Ace build ofc, you rock!
  6. Followed this here and on Instagram. Super craftsmanship and an ace mod. Cudos Fun and playful, but still managed to keep it clean. ACE. Love it <3
  7. Hehe, thx m8. Well yeah, had 3 crazy weeks, but if it doesn't leak I should just barely make it I hope
  8. Yes, I'm actually still modding... Learn by doing... Third time is a charm, atlest for me adding this matte vinyl to the top. I got big mod left for the front, so I want two tone. The sides are left original to pay my tribute to the exterior as well. This will be a BIG challenge... Dual pumps and loops mean dual drains. This is one. As the bottom fan cover is removable, it's leaves a fairly easy access without taking up space. One last RGB test before I start to put things into it's real place. Next time I will use soft tubes for below the shroud (jeeez what a lot of work) That cannot leak or it will be expensive... Looks almost like an engine. To bad all these beautiful precision bends isn't visible once I'm done That only fits in one specific order, but should work. Became a little complicated when I cut the rhombe hole. Want a clear view to the PSU. With all the bends and planning done for the shroud I could finally put vinyl on it and put it back, permanently. That looks so good IRL. It is so matte it eats light. That bracket worked out really good. Riser secured. The bracket is a mini version (line wise) of the exterior line of the bottom foot. Not bad at 3am. Last bend of the loop. Took some time to get this perfect. Needed it at a very specific hight. There, that last pipe is at exactly the same hight as the 90 fittings going into the GPU. Makes for a nice line. Then it bends over the VRAM pipe to end up to the left reservoir. Loop is done and put together. Still need to "fill" that empty spot on the backside. 3D printer got to work before I went to bed 4am. Alarm for 6am, two more days...
  9. I admit, I'm starting to feel the preasure. Just passed 40h straight and still so much work left to do. I'm starting to feel that scary feeling that there is a chance I'll not make it in time. More coffee, I'm GOING to make it... RGB testing. I'm using the Alphacool Eismatrix together with the Cooler Master fan hub that came with the case. I tested that I can run the Case RGB from the Eismatrix and I can. Good. Printed a side and a roof for the backside pump cover. Needs sanding and putty.Probably in the other order... Printed some angled glue brackets to keep it stronger. Found out that the Acrifix melt and bond the PLA as well. Nice stuff. Both front and back are not glues together. Need putty, sanding and a nice finish. That's the inside of the GPU bracket. Counter sunk holes to avoid the riser (prob a good thing). Thats more like it. It's drilled and fitted. Designed and printed a GPU bracket to mount on the side. That way I don't have to connect it to the motherboard side. Like that solution. Just needs some sanding and it should be good to go. MB plate all naked and ready to get some exclusive vinyl - matt black. Not bad if I can say so myself. My snap in brackets are finally in place and the motherboard / wall is in place. Added vinyl on the back pump cover / shroud as well. Cable combs and brackets mounted. Motherboard in place and with the sleeving done I can (need) start to push for finishline.
  10. With the previous step of planning the cable management for the backside, I could start the day with making it a reality. Focus was also making the backside PSU shroud cover ready. My idea for the shroud is to combine printed parts with simpler straight handcut acrylic plates. Precision and speed at the best mix. Started with a printed corner plate dummy to position the right part of the shroud. Basically it's the right most part of the pump cover. Cut a piece of 3mm acrylic into the right size. Added the top part and that line is not bad. I'm trying to "integrate" the shape of the pump cover / shroud with the outside exterior. Same angles on the feet and the exterior is found in the angles and proportions of the cover pieces. 32 pin cable comb. I don't really need it two piece, but I found that it prints better as two halvs with the combs pointing upwards. Cable standins helped me position the combs as tight as possible, but enough room to make the dubble tight 90 turn at the bottom. That will work. With the cable combs in place I could take measurements for where to enter the PSU shroud lid. The plan is to use a bracket I can click in. I need to be able to add the back and front cover last. As I need the opening to do the pass throughs, connect the cables etc. Tight and good. It will slide in from the side and the small outer edge will prevent it from getting loose. Zeuligan Edition. Thank you Nils <3 Also very happy to finally try out the amazing transparent shrink tube. Will be nice to see the sleeve melt as well. Precrimped a bunch of connectors and was ready to digg in. One side done. The otherside I will cut and connect in place. It's more work, but makes cable routing perfect every time. 100m of pure awesomeness. Will go two tone for this project. Gray and Purple. Heat shrink less obviously, nothing else will do. Also started trimming the GPU cables as I have a different route (for me) in mind. Took measurements for the last printed cable comb clip. One in the top shroud lid. That is the idea. Straight into the GPU from the side. I wanted to make the cables more visible in the front. Usually just the backside heros of a build. But with my project including the backside so much I felt i had to find some balance in the front as well.
  11. With the backside out (again) I could start with cutting hole for the second pump. There it is. Measure twice, cut once... That's more like it. Can't hide such a beauty. Also want the symetry with the front as well as making the backside as rich and alive as the front. Everything unhidden. Re-mounted (again) the wall and got ready to connect the backside pass throughs. Two equal bends. One to the top and one to the bottom. I played around with the top connection and after a few different options I opted for the short 45deg bend to keep it as parallel as possible, but also frame the compartement above the pump (I got plans for that). Added the motherboard again, to take measurements for all the cables, 24pin, 8pin, front I/O panel, SSD's etc, but the real fun will be the ATX lines. With the GPU sorted I could finally add the last and 16th (yeah) pass through. That will be a scary hole to make. So close to the pass throughs and the last one. Don't want to brake it now... I ended up cutting a really small line and spent 2h with the hand file. Not only am I afraid to brake the main wall plate, but I also need a 0,5mm tollerance hole (with a hand tool). Only way I know how to do that is to cut small and expend partially until good. That printed bracket with a small edge to clamp it together will be perfect. One of the last bends. I keep reusing the same 90 bends to keep the real one scratch free. That's why there is only one pipe done at a time. With the last bend in place I could take some measurements on cable comb placement and with that the route of the ATX cables. Had a working plan. I always use MDPC-X and it was very heartwarming to get this Zeuligan Edition sent in the mail for CMWS <3. I also sleave my cables in place to make sure I get the perfect fit (hence only pins in one end). Therefor I have two dummy cables I use to take measurements before I work with the real one. Decided to opt for a straight vertical 8 docking it into the 24. 16 cables wide run into the top of the psu shroud lid in the back.
  12. Work continued with the front part of the PSU shroud and the specifically the pump cover. I started testing different design ideas and print solutions. Knew what I wanted as an end result, but not sure of the road to it. After some time I felt I had a solid solution. This is how I want to show the unhide the pump, but still keep it as clean as possible. First print is a faster prototype profile . Just like I wanted it. The pump is what draws attention, but still keep it classical with a PSU shroud. I felt I had to make some change as it felt a little to flat and boring. After going back to the original shroud from Cooler Master and it's angled design with a more narrow top I had my inspiration and tribute. I cut my shroud open after the pump cover and I felt I had made a great improvement. Now the pump is even more in focus and the over all design is less boxy. I only had one real problem left. I can't hide the beautiful PSU behind a shroud wall. It's both wrong and wouldn't be true to my original concept - Unhidden | Tribute. Had an idea and made a design in Fusion and loaded the printer. That will work. The rhombus shape with the design of also making it smaller the further in it goes is a real eye catcher towards the logo and the PSU. It also brakes up the flat surface of the PSU shroud in balance to the pump cover. Super happy. Took some measurements and cut the front part of the shroud open after the rhombus shape. The last thing left to fix on the front of the PSU shroud was to make room for the head of the screw I need to keep my PSU brackets in place. I had a real drill bit that I loaded into my drill driver and tried to keep both a steady hand and not go to deep and cut through. Think I did really good That's more like it. Next step will be to focus on the backside wall and the backside of the PSU shroud.
  13. PSU shroud was up on the agenda. With part of the hard tubes done for the loop I need to connect the loop into the PSU shroud. More precision drilled pass throughs As it was time to mount the reservoirs to make those connection I also took some photos. Love the feel of acrylic and glass. That's how I will mount them. Changing my straw-loop a little, but to the better. Two quick holes with my stepdrill and ready to continue. Much better. Small tubes, but enough to show some colant going into the shroud. Like that This will be a GPU bracket that I will mount ontop of the shroud. It has both screw holes for the riser cable and below that screws for the shroud. Angles are them also fetched from the angle of the exterior of the case. Should harmonize well. With the bracket decided I could move on with the corner pass through from the radiator above. Nothing strange. A straight tube. Did a quick test with the PSU. This is the main reason for my previous comments about why I wanted the PSU Shroud exactly 130mm up. I need to fit the fittings That will go straight out to the backside. Spent about an hour, with elevated pulse, adding the waterblock to my 1080Ti. That will be perfect. That also passed infront of my camera. With the waterblock on the GPU I could make measurements for the GPU pass throughs. Thoose two will also "drive" the location of the final pass through. But first I wasn't happy with the shroud brackets or the obvious problem of adding 1kg+ of weight ontop of a thin acrylic sheet. The sag is real... Redesigned the MB bracket from the backside and did a simular solution for the PSU. But this time also with a 45degre angle to support the upcoming "wall" for the pump enclosure. Added a bracket to use in the front, to support the back corner of the PSU Just two standard case screws from the front (making it adjustable in height) and I felt I had a nice solution for the shroud. Made a planned update to the back bracket (that will be much bigger and include holes for GPU, PCI slots etc). It also has a vertical slot to guide the motherboard plate. As it's isn't the finished plate it's printed on prototype profile (fast) making it look bad, but modding quicker. Much better. That secures the PSU shroud plate, but doesn't take care of the sag. It's not a permanent solution, but will take care of the support of the GPU for now. 12h later and after 2h of sanding I had a new GPU bracket. This time with an integrated holder for the lower part of the PCI bracket. It's not finished, only sanded with 240, 320 and 400 at this point, but already smooth Compared to no sanding. With the real GPU bracket I could ensure I had the right location and placement compared to the back. Testfitted the riser cable, added the GPU and took measurements for the final pass through holes. Voila! Starting to feel like a real build. 14 out of the 16 pass throughs hand drilled and in the right place. Tomorrow I will continue to finish the backside holes and bend some tubes.
  14. A fantastic mix of greatness and experiences. Also feel that it's a really nice mix of build styles and mod styles. A full coverage to help judge all the talent that enters CMWS19. Super excited and a really nice lineup. Well done!
  15. It is always exciting to start with bending tubes. Feels like a water cooled project moves into it's readiness face. I started bending much earlier then I usually do. Mostly due to all the pass throughs. The loop is really complicated as it is. Making all the pass throughs with hand tools, it's a real challenge. I bought a real drill for the occation. Expensive, but hopefully worth it. Made a test drill in a scrap acrylic piece and it was such a difference using this real drill. Those pass throughs will look amazing in the build. After mounting the wall one extra time, controlling every single measurement both once and twice I took a deap breath and started drilling (please hold, please hold) Like a dream. I realized I will have to drill out the hole from both sides as the steps on the drill are not 5mm deep. No problem, just good to know so I don't end up with to big holes on one side. It's not all the holes, but this is where it starts to become even more complicated. Some holes will drive others that drive a third. The GPU will enter the shroud in the front, but will need to exit in the back. Would prefer to have the holes exactly opposite of eachother. Still very proud and happy. A lot of holes in the right places without any cracks. Moving on to bending. I can't say I felt like Bender. I was off my game so took two tubes untill I started to feel I had the feel for the heat, the time and the optimal radius. Bending by hand but still controlling angles when cooling. The first 3 went fine. They are also pretty straight forward. Dual 90 bends with one side higher. The CPU and one VRAM. The last VRAM will have a little different route so I could keep the 4 pass throughs symetrical (the VRAMS equal distance from the center CPUs). One, two and three. Super excited. Nice and parallel. Took 3 tries to get the tripple 90 bend in different planes exactly right, but can't leave a tube that isn't perfect. Spent another 15min with a hand file to make sure the lengths was exactly right. Hard tubes are so sexy Next step will be to start with the shroud pass throughs and connect the reservoirs. Also need add the 2nd pump and work on the backside. Both the shroud part that will drive the location of the pass throughs and the last of the loop.