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  1. Connecting the power supply plug will allow the fans to work but if you want lighting, you will have to buy an rgb controller anywhere from a simple one for about 10 dollars or ones with remote for about 30. If you don’t get a remote you will control the colors through software on your motherboard providing it supports your motherboard through the bios setting.
  2. You connect the plug to an available female power supply. It is to power up the fans. In order to power the rgb lighting, you connect the 3 n 1 connector to your motherboards rgb header (it should be labeled as such). It is similar to the fan headers, and it should have four or five pins. If your motherboard doesn’t come with an rgb header, then you need to buy an rgb controller. I am looking for one with a remote, as my motherboard doesn’t come with the header. The fans will still work if you plug in the two prong connector to your power supply, but there won’t be any lighting.
  3. Hello, I recently upgraded my case to the masterbox series. I have three rgb fans in the front, but my motherboard doesn’t have an rgb header. I’m looking for an rgb controller with remote and would like some suggestions...