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  1. The final day has arrived Proudly present the Hatsune Miku mods. We choose this casing because of the design is gorgeous yet big enough that can handle 360mm radiator at front and 240mm on top. The fan that sponsors by Cooler Master is very tempting and performs better on water-cooling. The fan cable is sleeved and the pin also universal Team group also sent us the 16gb kits..the RGB easy to control and the cooler with match with the fan at a default Thanks also to the supporter especially our team and friends that give support in any ways that lead us to finish this mods. #CMWS19Finals
  2. Testing loop day I'm using a pressure tester DIY. Apply 1.5bar before it pops out. This show my loop can withstand great pressure and safe for water cooling.
  3. Install water-cooling part 10/03/2019 Using Ekwb supremacy water block for CPU and Bykski water block for GPU This loop quite difficult for me since I'm not very frequently bend hard tube Tomorrow will test the loop
  4. Assembly Hardware/ watercool part 09/27/2019 After long months focusing on another mods finally got time to finish this mods Using ASUS Z170 and i5 6500 with TEAMGROUP 16gb ram and rx 580
  5. Assembly all mod part together 07/17/2019 Today I started assembly all the mod part
  6. Main Color Coating 06/21/2019 After that, I apply the multiple layers of coating. When the coating is dry, I tape the unwanted area then spray it again
  7. Undercoating Week 06/18/2019 This week I'm focusing on undercoating all the parts. This part also critical because it will affect the final look. Undercoat it with two layers for extra grip
  8. Sanding Day 06/14/2019 After some struggling with the casing(i thought it easy) :p The sanding days have arrived. This step is so hard because it needs precision and patient. The grid was used is starting from 600 to 1200 Then I focus on washing the whole part using dishwasher soap to remove all oil and dust after sanding process. After done wash, I dry all part.
  9. Disassembled Day 06/12/2019 Secondly, I disassembled the whole case using the drill. This case is easy to disassemble. Just a few rivets and screw you good to go
  10. This build is inspired by Japanese modder Fabio moma.. He mods the INWIN 301 White. When i see the build i was thinking what if i using more attractive casing on the market and i start searching for 3 day i decide o used Cooler Master TD500 .. this case is perfect , dimension build,quality,space PLANNING DAY 06/07/2019 Hello guys. My Name is Zeddy. This is my first time entering the CMWS. hope this year got luck winning the competition Firstly I do simple planning for these mods. then I choose the color that matches the theme.