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  1. my bad, I didn't include this photo's before another so yeah, the cable using the previous I/O, but since I only need switch and led cable, so I only cut those two and keep another for another use I think this is the last worklog updates from me, next post will be a finished product... thanks for watching, sorry if not perfect as this is my first time in case mod..
  2. so finally, time to fittings the PSU cover after some minor changes did you notice the switch? no, it's a pinlock for the sidepanel to be locked
  3. wrap it up with some carbon, again pardon with my image quality :p
  4. did I say, I making a custom power switch? yes it is !! I change the fancy backlighting led on the somewhat front-top panel to my own switch style, remembering the "Mastercase Pro" series which has angular position of powerswitch it's my first time making my own switch design, don't critizm too hard though especially for the absent of USB and jack audio ports :p
  5. working on with the sidepanel, makes a hole for the hinges and the lock, and I'll keep that fancy metallic red on the lock so it added the looks of racing
  6. the project continue time to wrap it with a fancy carbon look wraps.. hahahahaha look racing enough, eventho that's not a real carbon, but still
  7. got a new stuff !!! previously I buy this speedometer for my bike, like a japstyle or touring style that uses custom handle bar, but as the time goes, it found that those fancy style doesn't make me interest more (read: I'm too boring to see that styling really), so I put this speedometer to my case project, making a hole of my PSU cover, and make it permanent using dextone / metal glue to it
  8. Time to playing with the side window adding a small film that used for car window, but sadly I only found 40% of transparency, so yeah, no mirror-effect will be achieved since.
  9. done making a handles for my case finally I could make my own handles, this should be made me easier to carry it when wanted to cleanup some stuff inside and bring it off the table
  10. time for custom switch basically it used for motorcycle for stuff like headlights or something which has mechanism like, press once for on, and press again to turn it off I modify the internals so it act like how PC switch should be, I think nothing special with this as it could be done by anyone, but I think it's worthy
  11. making the feet for the stainless tube to fit I use the original handles from Q300P, removing some fancy rubbers on it and cut it in half..
  12. time to cut some stainless steel that bought from Racing exhaust bike maker hahahaha now looks like I'm getting used with this grinder, so much fun cutting some metal with this hahaha
  13. Time to giving a paste using high quality acrylic glue such a clean result, time to cover up with some pattern to continue
  14. Measuring the PSU cover !!! I planning to make the psu cover for nowadays trendings haha
  15. time to riveting all the things.. phew such a hard work to done