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  1. Hi! I've been using the Mastercase Pro 5, which I originally purchased without any bays of any sort. At the time, I only had an SSD in there and was using it for testing/messing with a Xeon Phi, so I didn't need any drive bays. But now I'd like to convert it to a NAS server. I couldn't find anyone selling any "Freeform" drive bays for it. I found one online reseller who has the 2-Bay caddy, for $20 each. I would need at least 5-6 of them, which is the cost of a new case. I've been trying to find STL files to print my own, but no one has them, even Thingiverse only has the sleds. Does anyone have an STL file for the drive caddy itself, or know where I can get one? If there's any interest, maybe we can get someone to design one? I'd hate to have to zip-tie random drive cages to this case, but I'll do it if that's my only option...