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  1. Was a very fun event and cant wait for next year !
  2. Lovely build buddy! It turned out amazing EH !! Absolutely love the Canadian theme.
  3. Thanks a ton buddy! much appreciated, your mod is amazing as well buddy ! Definitely love how clean everything is in your mod and how detailed oriented your mod is as well.
  4. - Finished !!!! - After all said and done this was a awesome competition, stressful at times but it built my knowledge and my skill that much more and that is why I love challenges and why I took on such a detailed mod for a first one.
  5. - Final final assembly !! - After months of working every night & the back to back late night and early mornings it was coming to a end, I finally was able to assemble the outside and button everything up. - Cable management was decent honestly could have been better, but would need full length cables and a full modular PSU for that. (Full length cables for my modular psu are in the future for this build thanks to GSCUSTOMZ) - Outside exterior assembly was pretty straight forward and easy. - Actually had to un cable manage my whole pc set up to move it to my desk which took 4 hours and 50 zip ties, but was well worth it. - Put it in place, plugged everything in, made sure to wax the pc also after putting it on my desk. And pressed the power button and started up and worked like a charm. Idle temps for GPU were 24-27 degrees Celsius, and 24-29 degrees Celsius for the CPU. - Oddly for a open case... it collects less dust then it did with the side glass!! Very happy with how my work turned out.
  6. - Final flush & fill time!! - Since I set this loop up for easier draining it was actually pretty easy to drain. But since there was so many routes I had to flush the system more then expected. Which took me 3 hours just to flush. - Luckily I had purchased more then enough coolant because since just opening the drain drained the reservoir. I had to flush my system out with actual coolant to get all the distilled water out, which was pretty much money down the drain but the result was well worth it! - And the last bottle of coolant I put in, I added my yellow and it turned out perfectly after it settled.
  7. - Loop pre treatment!! - Didn’t have the most time to test for leaks, so made the decision even tho it was my first hard tubing build, I definitely had to trust my work. - Was running a opaque fluid XSPC white with yellow mayhems dye, so I wanted eliminate any chance of fluid separation from contamination. - Filled and cycled it with mayhems blitz part 2 & distilled water, and it took me actually a hour to fully prime and cycle the fluid through this, it was being a pain. But managed to get it filled. - Another trust my work moment was when I had to leave the pump running and not be there to watch for leaks while I was at work....... But low and behold after sleeping and going to work and coming home it cycled perfectly. - Was foamy at first and kinda sketched me out, but settled down after I came home from work.
  8. - Front panel cover final work & assembly !! - Started by flipping my front panel over so mounts were standing up, I then positioned new front panel cover and marked my holes along for name of builds badge. - After drilling i applied my vinyl then prepped for paint, scuffed, degreased and tack clothed and paint and when it was done it turned out nice. - Then it was assembly time for which went smooth. Very happy with the results. - And finally got to put it on the frame.
  9. - Time to finish up front cover - Started with using my new drill press and marking where I wanted my standoffs to be for mounting and drilling. And did that drill press make life easy, glad I got it, was a great purchase. - I then got everything prepped for paint including each stand off and h x head bolt because the sizes I needed only came in chrome. So I assembled mounts with a hard rubber washer holding stand off in place. - I left the front panel clear so would make it easier for marking holes for front panel. - Set up for paint and painted and they came out awesome. - I then mounted the mounts to back side of the case from panel with clear epoxy.
  10. - Time for a front cover !! - started off by making my measurements and then cutting my pieces. I ended up having to glue three pieces of acrylic together to get the thickness I wanted to accommodate for the front panel standoffs. These would be for my front panel mounts. After glueing the pieces together I then cut the sizes I needed and sanded the edges to make them perfect, like it was one thick piece of acrylic.
  11. - The sleeving never end’s - sleeved i/o cables
  12. - It came !!! - Ordered this badge from Romania to cover the front audio parts and honestly didn’t think it was gonna show up, But it did !!
  13. - Rivet time !! - Was finally time to put the rivets for the top handle in, which also would be one of my integrity points. Because cutting the midplate lip of the case, and not having handle in it wasn’t the strongest.
  14. - Lower cabinet bends and drain support !! - Had to finish up the bends in the lower part of the case, as well as install drain. - Drain ended up being a bit heavy, so I decided to cut the rod of a Coolermaster GPU support bracket in half to get it to fit and use that as a support. End result was awesome !
  15. - Finishing up top half liquid cooling & lower cabinet ! - I wanted the cleanest look possible, so bulkheads and the least angle fittings I would need, all PETG bend work. And honestly for my first time, it wasn’t that hard with a variable temperature heat gun. - I did every bend by eye as well, I did have to remake a few bends but no big deal. - The drain was one of the first things I thought of for this build. I really wanted something hidden but practical and fit for the look of the theme.
  16. - More sleeving ! - Had to sleeve the fans as well and the 3 foot extensions for the fans! Lots of work for fan cables, but well worth the beauty at the end.
  17. - Last minute disaster !! - stiff wire Split while sleeving the RGB cable from GPU luckily I was able to save it. - Nothing a little soldering and heat shrink can’t fix !! And the sleeving covered it up also. - ( missing some pictures of process of this part, got a camera half way through build & wont let me view images other then on the camera )
  18. - Coming close to the finish !!! - After everything was measured cut and painted and every cable was sleeved, all holes drilled, it was time for assembly. But not final yet. It’s all in the details so I knew I wasn’t finished yet! - Started with finishing up the liquid cooling in the upper cabinet and then a bit more assembly.
  19. - A little more cutting !! - Had to do just a bit more cutting to be able to get the PCIE cables to fit in the perfect location. - Disassembled yet once again, cut, filed and sanded cut, painted cuts.
  20. - More filler panels !! - Decided to hide rear case mesh around rear fan as well, And I knew I was making all of these in advance as well. So every part of the PSU cover was measured around all these filler panels so they could seamlessly interlock.
  21. - Time to hide those fan and radiator seams !!!! (all panels were painted front and back and are all removable and interchangeable) - Figured I wanted it a bit more sleek and stealth and only way to do that was to hide some seams and decided to kinda hide the huge 400mm radiator in the front. - Made my measurements, cut, test fit, prep for paint, then paint !
  22. - Third Times a charm !! - Had to remake psu cover since Inwin and Gscustomz was supplying a few goods for this build had to keep my sponsors happy and remake it. - Started by cutting my acrylic , bending, measure and drill hoes for bulk heads , which takes forever because MB has to be removed to remove PSU cover. ( and I did have to disassemble build to install new psu cover which was fine since I was waiting on a few fittings ) - I then prepped for paint by scuffing, cleaning PSU cover , laid stickers, painted, peeled stickers. - I then took another piece of acrylic and vinyl wrapped that in yellow vinyl so I could some time in the future put a led behind it. (unfortunately was running out of time due to having to step away from modding for a few weeks to focus on the death of my brother in law, who actually was the one who got me into pc’s 14 years ago)
  23. - The correct color !! - Got my correct dye for coolant, and was more then happy with the color.
  24. - Not what I wanted !! - So my coolant arrived and it was UV yellow which I wasn’t happy with, so Ended up ordering some mayhems yellow dye to add to the xspc white.
  25. - The dreaded !!!! - Decided to test fit some of the exterior and ended up having to cut a bit on one piece to get it to fit.