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  1. 10/9/2019 - Finished Build -Close-up detail shot of the EK-Supremacy EVO RGB Waterblock and Corsair Vengeance RGB Ram. -Close-up detail shot of the RGB RAM and the custom power cable by V1Tech. The colors of the RAM and the power cable are meant to represent each Ninja Turtle.
  2. 10/9/2019 - Finished Build -Close-up side profile w/ glass panel on -Close up detail of ooze canister external reservoir -Inside detail with Glass removed
  3. 10/9/2019 - Finished Build Important Details and Notes: The PC parts I chose had to be more balanced for my budget to allow a healthy budget for cooling and aesthetics. I wish I could have gone with an i9 and a 2080ti however the performance at this cost is actually pretty great. I wanted the build to reflect the goofy and fun feel of the movie - The ek-xtop pump has a max pressure head of almost 4 meters so I was comfortable making more curvy/fun bends that might not be viewed as super efficient. With a custom pwm fan curve on the pump all bench mark temps were positive. Color choices - Green Coolant - to mimic the ooze from the movie. Purple fittings- to represent the ninja turtles enemy "Shredder" Mobo power cable - black and gray with red, purple, orange, and blue to represent the turtles GPU Cable - black and gray to match the mobo cord and a stripe of yellow for the turtle's ally April O'Neil GPU Brace - light gray to match the outer case with red, purple, orange, and blue stripes for the turtles 3m Rusted Metal Wrap - to represent the sewer hideout that the Ninja Turtles use -Above view with glass side panel on -Side angle detail (RGB fans set to static purple for taking photos) -Front detail
  4. 10/8/2019 - Closing Remarks Overall, I'm happy with the way that my mod turned out. It stayed consistent with the nostalgic and retro 90's TMNT theme that I was going for. This was my second time ever using hard tubing (first ever case mod) and was by far the longest and most difficult part of the process. I would like to thank Cooler Master for providing me with the opportunity to enter my very first case mod competition! Good luck to all my fellow modders!
  5. Progress Update 10/1/2019 In this update: All the tubing holes have been drilled, 3M Vinyl wrap applied, and a small peek at the finished pipes after a successful leak test. Not pictured: I also added rubber grommets to the top of the case, the inside on the psu shroud, and the outer intake hole at this time. The current state of my desk.... 3M Vinyl wrap: Glimpse of the finished pipes and res as they dry after leak testing:
  6. Progress Update 9/12/2019 Successfully mounted the pump and TGRI reservoir: The EKWB EK-EXTOP Revo D5 PWM pump is mounted below the PSU shroud out of the way of the power supply where the hard drive cages were previously located.The cages have been dremeled out with a small cut out in the bottom to allow the pump to sit just a bit lower to ensure that the pump had no no feed problems from the res. For such a small case there was plenty of room for the hefty standalone pump. Successful POST test with RAM, CPU, GPU, AND Mobo: Mounted the Alphacool Eisblock on our RTX 2070:
  7. Official Working Parts List 9/12/2019 PC Part Picker Link Not shown: EKWB EK-EXTOP Revo D5 PWM pump. *Edit* PSU was swapped to a Corsair CX750m due to budget constraints.
  8. Custom TGRI Coolant Reservoir 8/1/2019 I have been unable to update due to a move across states, but the custom reservoir has finally been completed. Using a Protium Tube Reservoir by Singularity Computers, some 3d printing, and paint I've made a replica of the prop used in the movie. -Originally I had planned to use some pvc pip and dremeling to design the end caps however the dimensions were off and the work looked sloppy, so I took exact dimensions and rough design to a 3d printer. -The dimensions worked and the 3d printed end caps worked perfectly. Next I painted the stripe on the reservoir and the end caps with a metallic silver. -For the text, I created a stencil in MS paint, sized it, and printed it onto clear "sticker" paper and applied it over the paint like a decal. -Finished product
  9. Finished Initial Painting of Outer Case 06/26/2019 The Masterbox NR600 looks good in any color but I am extremely happy with the light gray, and the contrast with the caution stripe on the front panel. Stay tuned!
  10. Planning - Rough concept and Case 06/05/2019 Forgive my lack of artistic ability in MS Paint (lol) but this was the quickest way for me to get my idea visualized. Hoping to do an externally mounted reservoir replica of the TGRI canisters from the 2nd ninja turtles movie. I've decided on the Cooler Master Masterbox NR600.
  11. Combining my favorite movie from the 90's with my favorite hobby. I hope for this project to be a testament to the 90s ninja turtles that I grew up with. Thanks for following along!