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  1. Milling the Asus Republic of gamers logo I'm going to integrate the ROG logo with RGB lighting in front panel. So for this i need machining the logo in polycarbonate 12mm thickness. This material looks like acrylic but he is less hardness than him and more flexible. The machining is also hardest because it heats and melts more easily than the acrylic in contact of the tool, he need more feed rate. So the acrylic would have been better but i don't have it in this thick. The movie is also available in English version with subtitle and description. The process who i have follow : 1/ Design the 3D model - I have used the CAD software Topsolid 7. 2/ Making the toolpath and machining - For FAO part the same software have been used, Topsolid 7. I have proceeded in 4 steps, u can see them and their cuttings conditions in the next screen : Roughing of the surface with Ø8 end mill because i need only 2,4mm of final surface thickness. With this large end mill the time of this step is quick. I have keep a reserve of 0,5mm for remove the cuttings marks due to the finishing step with the ball nose. The cuttings conditions: vf= 2000min/min at 24000tr/min, Z feed : 4mm Roughing the rest of material and the logo in different step of 2 mm with a Ø4 mm end mill. The cutting conditions : vf=2000mm/min at 24000tr/min with Z feed of 2 mm. Finishing step - For this i have used a 3D parallel finishing toolpath using a 0.3mm(10% of tool radius) step over and a Ø6 mm ball nose end mill. The cuttings conditions : vf=1500mm/min at 28000tr/min. Finishing surfacing - For remove the marks that were left by the ball nose that u have seen on the last screen i finish by surfacing the 0.5mm who rest with the Ø4 mm end mill at high speed. Cuttings conditions : vf=3500mm/min at 28000tr/min, Z feed=0.5mm. Before start milling i have make an other step, i work with a milling CNC machine who use vacuum pump for fixing the part by aspiration. This system is very convenient but not with small part because she can move a little bit due to small surface of aspiration.So for fix it, i have used double face tap. The result :
  2. The dremel's last hits : Drawing and cutting the emplacement for dual pump. Cutting the 5.25 bay for the future cable cover. This is for pass the powers cables of the GPU by the bottom. This one for fit the distro plate. And cut of this small fixing lug who make problem for mount the 360 radiator.
  3. Mounting 360 and 120 radiators: The drill of the radiator and frame case are not coincident, so they need to be adjusted. The 2nd problem is thick of radiator, the case and bars need a cutting and the grill of top panel need grinding for perfectly fiting (and i have missed to take picture of this.. this will be ok for tomorrow). Cut and drill the bars. Now is ok !. But i have had a 3rd problem with this radiators, they are delivery with M3 screws of 30mm but the grills who i have designed are too thick for them and i have not find the good length for this diameter. So i have drill and taping the thread for M4 screws. A short movie of this : I have also edit the build list of first post, finally i'm going to make a dual loop due to complexity of her.
  4. Thank you for your support!!! This is make me happy. I'm doing my best for success this project!
  5. Mooving the 3.25" bay Drill of the 5.25" bay : The new emplacement :
  6. The result !!! Now i was able to mount the 3 radiators with theirs fans and have an overview of the result !!! The 120 mm radiator will be go at the rear of the case and not in.
  7. Adapting case for 480 radiator part 2 : I have recycled this part for fixing of the radiator. The stock holes are perfect for this but i need to push up the radiator for fit the fans with the door. So i have expands this one. Now fans and radiator are perfectly fit !
  8. A teaser for tomorrow :
  9. Adapting the case for 480 radiator : For having the 480 radiator at the bot with the PSU i need to move this last vertically. So for this i have cut the mid plate and put the PSU. But the bolts of the bars are solder on the case and i can't push the PSU to the back. So i have remove him A short movie of the operation. I have also remote a little lay of metal for perfect adjustment and drill the rear panel with the new position of the PSU. She is now perfectly fit. The old hole is stuffy with acrylic ( this screw is temporal, i have make with who i ave at this time)
  10. Cutting 120 mm grill of case : Optimizing the air flow for 120 mm radiators in cutting the grill with a clamp and finishing with mill and metal file :
  11. The 3D design : The fans grills : The front panel in replacement of the grill : The support for acrylic reservoirs : The waterblock for watercooling the PCI-E ssd Asus ROG RAID-R, for this i will re-machining the passive radiator and coupling with this : An assembly for presenting the others parts principally conceited for hide the cables and fix the reservoirs. Actually i work on the distro plate, it should be finished soon.
  12. Install GTX 980 ti waterblock : I like realy the look of the waterblock and his lighting ! This is the first time i make a movie of this type. Therefore please be indulgent. Vertical mounting of the GPU : For this i need simply to cut the part in red. I have use a grinder for this but the tool is fat and not good for precision, so i have buy a dremel for the others cutings After adjusting with a lime this is perfectly fit ! The final result and the future place for the 480 radiator (thank to my child for the temporary wedge) :
  13. Disassembling part 2 : The red and blue are the parts who i want to remove : These parts and many other are fixed with rivets : So, for extract it, the better way is a drill of 3mm and it is better if he is broken : I have make a little movie for this : After : I will recycled this part to fix the 480 radiator on the bottom of the case :
  14. Prepare for painting : Sanding and protect before painting : Painting : And the first fail ! : Due to over long time between layers of paint i have had withdrawal.
  15. The disassembly : After some hours the case is disassembly and screws are identified.
  16. Showcase intro : Hi, this is my first build. I'm going to mod a Cooler Master Cosmos 2 on the theme ROG : Republic Of Gamer but not in red who is the usual color. So this is a little case for a big mod... More seriously i will use RGB, custom loop and homemade parts for the loop. The project : For this project i want to watercooled as many parts as possible with a dual loop. The colors pattern is Green & White for the case and RGB for the lightings. Build list : The Hardware : CM : Asus ROG RAMPAGE V + OC Panel CPU : Intel Core i7 5820k GPU : Kfa2 980 ti HOF RAM : 8 x ? GO (Coming as soon) PSU : Corsair AX1500i SSD 1 : Asus ROG RAIDR PCIexpress 240 Go SSD 2 : M.2 PNY CS2030 480 Go HDD : 3 x Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 To The loop : Water block CPU : Bykski CPU-XPR-A-V3 Water block RAM : 2 x Bykski Bykski B-RAM-X Water block GPU : Bykski N-GY98TIHOF-X Waterblock Southbridge & Mosfets : EK waterblock with homemade top Radiators 480mm : Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 480 MP Radiators 360mm : Bykski B-RD360-TK 38 mm Radiators 120mm : Bykski B-RD120-TK 38 mm Temp meter : AquaComputer Flow meter : AquaComputer Highflow Bay : AquaComputer aquaero 6 XT Pump : 2 x Laing D5 Reservoirs : 1 x 250mm & 2 x Bitspower Water Tank Z 150 Fans : 9 x Corsair HD120 RGB + Commander Pro + RGB LED Lightning PRO The all in a Cooler Master Cosmos II case !