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  1. a modder doesn't think about the warranty of an item, so do it if it can make it better. upgrade 120mm radiator to 280mm for better performance and appearance.
  2. discard the power pin, and make the function only as a cpu block. rotate the words "cooler master" as needed.
  3. make the legs look attractive, to change the appearance of the case so it's not monotone.
  4. Make something big 6mm acrylic for strong support,let's do it.
  5. make carving molds, designs made and then printed on paper.
  6. Cutting / engraving acrylic by using the Scroll saw
  7. cut by manual technique, using a grinder, and sandpaper
  8. Introduction Hello everyone, this is my first time participating in an international modding competition. As an amateur modder,am from Indonesia,I will participate in the league master, I will bring a theme that is unique to my country like a carvings, Gunungan (matters related to wayang, Batik and its kind in the Cooler Master K500 case. Even this event is a place for me to hone my modding skills, especially in international classes. I hope this is a good step for me in the world of modding, especially the international class. Thank you very much to Cooler Master. Part 1. Ryzen 5 1600 2. Asrock X370 Taichi 3. DDR4 RAM 4. PSU CM MASTERWATT 550 5. ASUS RX 480 DUAL 6. WD M.2 SSD 120GB+ VGEN SSD 240GB 7. MASTERLIQUID ML120L RGB 8. MASTERFAN PRO 140 9. COOLER MASTER EXTENSION CABLE 10. CASE CM K500