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  1. alhamdulillah, saya di apresiasi oleh PC modder terkenal dari Negeri jiran
  2. modalna blm kuat lah. scratch mah aslina , harus kuat sagalana
  3. whether I will get a notification if there are errors or incompleteness in filling out the form ? I just feel worried about being disqualified because of an error in filling out the form thank you for the information
  4. FINAL SUBMISSIONS PHOTOS CoolerMaster World Series 2019 Final Mod >> DESERT RAT Inspired by the human struggle against the heat of the desert which is identical to the struggle of the PC against the heat from within itself, I tried to package it in the theme of this modification. The reason I chose the Desert Yellow and German Gray colors, aside from the fact that this color was rarely used in the coloring of PC casings, also caused a historical bonding with the fragments of the Deutch Afrikan Corps in northern Africa in 1942. For details and mainframe skin, I deliberately took the style of "Military Sci -Fi "to reduce the element of historical analysis for a layman's perspective. 80% acrylic cutting as the main material is done by laser cutting considering the accuracy, time, and character of the model to be made. Acrylik that I use are variations in thickness of 2mm and 3mm, cylinders of 3mm and 5mm, and PETG tubbing diameter of 16mm - 12mm. Selection of varying thicknesses is needed to strengthen the depth of fields accent. The software used in designing also varies in order to reach the required level of accuracy. (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, InkScape). Manual work is only done for the needs of finishing and final fitting. to be continued...
  5. push button I place it under the reconnaissance hole. and in that pit I saved a military miniature 1/35 scale
  6. terimakasih apresiasinya Abdi. Semoga lungsur langsar kelahiran anak pertama nya yaaaa
  7. do the panel cover with the main body using DIY hinges
  8. body coloring with primer and top coat paint. Do not forget to include weathering and battle damage effects. the finishing process is still not done until now
  9. Work is almost done. Running test has been done. One of them is adjusting the lighting and color of the lights that will be used. Thanks God, everything went smoothly.