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  1. Hello everyone!! The project that I will create in this competition Will be a sports car. Specifications : -CPU : I3-6100T -MB : Biostar B250GTN -RAM : T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 4x2 Gb. -GPU : Inno3D GTX 1060 -PSU : Coolermaster V1000 -SSD : T-Force Delta RGB SSD 256Gb. -SSD : Biostar M.2 M500-256GB -Fancase : MASTERFAN MF122R RGB Water cooling System -Bitspower G1/4" Carbon BlackAIR-Exhaust Fitting -Bitspower Premium G1/4" Carbon Black Stop Fitting -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Rotary 45-Degree I G1/4" Extender -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Rotary 90-Degree I G1/4" Extender -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Anti-Twist Adapter -Bitspower G1/4" Deep Blood Red Enchance Multi-Link For OD 14MM -G1/4" Deep Blood Red Mini Dual G1/4" Extender -Bitspower G1/4" Matt Black CaseTop Water-Fill SET -Bitspower D5 MOD Package (Black POM TOP S+ Mod Kit V2 Black Sparkle 2) -Bitspower Water TanK Z-Multi Ultra 100(POM Version) -Bitspower Deep Blood Red Mini Valve Rotary G1/4' & Inner G1/4"With Black Handle -Bitspower None Chamfer Brass Hard Tubing OD14MM Black Sparkle -Bitspower D5 Vario Motor -Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF-X Golden -Deep Blood Red Multi-F Block(Inner G1/4"x5) -Bitspower Brass Shinning In-Line Filter -Bitspower Leviathan SF 120 4xG1/4" Radiator -Bitspower Touchaqua Digit Thermal Sensor Sponsored by -Coolermaster -Bitspower -Biostar -Teamgroup #CMWS2019 #Coolermaster #Bitspoer #Biostar #Teamgroup #JMDF