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  1. FUTURE GADGET XX READY FOR TIME TRAVEL Here is the final photo of the mods. I decided to not turn the rgb on the fans and gpu on because the paint on the fans looks good already. The cable management behind.
  2. CHANGE OF PLAN I'm doing color change in some part here: Radiator I change the radiator color to gunmetal because this is going to match the color on the motherboard. Waterblock I'm doing the same to the AM4 bracket and the screw since nickel is not matching that well here. WEATHERING EFFECT Here is the final photo of the part that I paint with weathered effect: MF120R I paint the fans frame with silver color and make them look dirty but still allow the fan's RGB led to shine through. MF200R I did the same to the 200mm fans on the front but I left the frame black. Case Exterior I cut and attach some small acrylic panel across the front panel, top panel, and front IO cover (photo before I repaint them will be uploaded soon). Then I paint the panel to silver and add some rustic detail. I'm painting the mesh with gunmetal to make them looks dirty over time and some thin silver spray for the part that still looks clean.
  3. CUTTING ACRYLIC GEAR In this step I'm going to show what I do to the gears that going to be used as decorative purpose and these gears is made of acrylic: Planning I'm plannnng the gear position before painting and add another minor detail. Repaint I mix between gunmetal and copper for the paint and add some rust detail in the damaged part of the gear. Final Result This is how the final look om planning to cut more gears and attach them together. REPAINTING THE MAIN STRUCTURE In this step I'm going to show what I do to the gears that going to be used as decorative purpose and these gears is made of acrylic: Process I'm using grey primer and then gunmetal. I do take the metal sheet that hold the motherboard but I'm forgot to take a photo when I did that. Final Result This is how the final look of the repainted case.
  4. "You can use either DIY liquid cooling, AIO or air coolers for your entry. Any AIO or air coolers used must be a Cooler Master cooler." is written in the rule and here I'm neither using AIO nor air cooler.
  5. CORE COMPONENT SELECTION Motherboard I'm choosing the ASRock X470 Taichi because the gear on the chipset cover match the clockwork theme. RAM As for the RAM I changed my mind and get 4 stick of Dominator Platinum RGB because of the stealth looks on the heatsink better than White Vengeance RGB Pro. REPAINTING THE WATER COOLING PART Waterblock I'm using EK Supremacy Evo Full Nickel with AM4 Upgrade Kit and decided to repaint the waterblock with copper paint and did a little bit black overspray so it looks like dirty then I add a thin layer of light scarlet and then light mask of copper again. After I finished with painting I lightly sand the surface with 1000 and 1200 grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface and add 3 thin clear spray. I also repaint the backplate with black. Radiator For the radiator I'm using Thermaltake radiator and mask the fin stack because I want them black and I only paint the radiator with copper paint because I haven't decided what kind of modification that I'm going to put on the front area and that's because I'm still waiting for the case to arrive. Fittings For the fittings I use Thermaltake fittings and did the same thing as I did on the CPU Block. COOLER MASTER PART SELECTION For the Cooler Master part that going in to this build is: Case I choose H500P Mesh because of the futuristic looks on the outside of the case. Power Supply I'm going to go with the V750 gold because it has 2 eps power cable and that going to fill the 8+4 eps power slot on the motherboard. Case Fan MF120R on the top of the case should be enough to light my case with the RGB.