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  1. final pictures time. I want to thank everyone that followed along this project! Note that some pictures the fan color shows as blue, but it is not (i don't have a professional camera). Also pictures are scaled down in quality because of the 30MB limit. Before that i want to thank my sponsors Coolermaster, AsRock, BeQuiet for their support. The complete speccs of the system: Mainboard: AsRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 GPU: Inno3D RTX 2060 Twin X2 RAM: GSkill Aegis 8 GB DDR4-3000 CPU Cooler: Coolermaster MASTERAIR MA610P Case-Cooling: 4x 80mm BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 FanController: XSPC 8 way PWM Splitter SSD: 2x Gigabyte 120GB PSU: BeQuiet SFX L Power 600W Accessiores: 2x 90° Coolermaster 24 Pin Adapter
  2. Last things that had to be done before making final photos of the mod. the painted back frame filled with epoxy resin: needed a cover for the 24 Pin 180 degree adapter and of course grey paint like everything else and some fitting sleeves. also i finished up the last hardware by putting in the SSD (120GB SSD both sides) and the GPU - a Inno 3D RTX 2060 and attaching the back to the wagon: up next will be final photos for sure thanks for following along!
  3. some updates, it's been a while since posting testing something different - wasn't sure it would work, but it did - so i will try to make the back with a printed frame which gets filled with epoxy. (this one goes in the trash tho) some hardware i got from Coolermaster: as you can see a MasterAir MA610P (i did not like the other AM4 coolers to be honest) and 2x 90 degree 24 Pin adapter But the big boy was around 2cm to what can we do? we mod it down... - disassemble - remove fins - cut down pipes -reassemble another thing why progress was waiting for responses (which i did not get)... buying a GTX 1660ti afterwards b grade...and recieving a 1650 - so the card i thought fitted very well into the mod had to go back. after getting the gpu i will keep i am able keep working on the things that need to be finished. already printed out the back frame (if that does not work out, i will switch back to acrylic) and a cover for the front to hide the cables (which are so annoying to put in place because it's so little space) and before i will go ahead and do the epoxy part, i had to paint the frame not that much things left to do, but time is ticking... roughly 2 weeks is not much considering there might go things wrong
  4. printing more needed stuff... spacers psu mounting the whole lower hardware-slider mainboard plate fan holders (although i changed them to 2x 80mm with a slot for ssd) wheels and of course as you might have noticed, the frames got painted (lots of times, making the best of many mistakes...haha) also was able to put it all together for a nice preview.
  5. cutting and rasping/sanding the front and back acrylic (5mm).
  6. always the worst part, but necessary: sanding...ALOT (and of course alot of time went by printing all of those parts)
  7. so the first steps in building this case were making a rough model to get a better look at the actual size. after that step i started printing the first pieces to find out if my plan to hold them together with threaded rods and nuts actually works: getting an actual feeling of the frame itself and it's size:
  8. This is my worklog for this years Coolermaster World Series - Master League - Scratch Build the idea was to mostly print parts to merge them together to a case. i had various ideas, but my wife chose this one as it fits the contest for sure. the actual speccs: AsRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac AMD Ryzen 5 2600 4x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 80mm be quiet! SFX-L Power 600W 2x Coolermaster ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter Coolermaster MASTERAIR MA610P SSD / RAM / GPU not decided/sponsored yet I want to thank AsRock, be quiet! and of course Coolermaster for helping me bringing this project to life. the concept i made in SketchUp: