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  1. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Top Pannel ) Preparing for the top pannel and painting
  2. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Painting) PSU bracket and Case Feet bracket Painting
  3. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Side Pannel) Preparing for the side pannel
  4. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Machine Gun) Preparing for the rotary heavy machine gun
  5. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (PSU Sleeving) Preparing for PSU Sleeving using FTW Nylon Sleeves Orange and Carbon Black sleeves
  6. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (PSU Shroud and Emblem Bonding) Preparing for the PSU shroud and the Emblem design
  7. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Cooler Master Emblem) Preparing for making the Cooler Master Emblem for the PSU shroud
  8. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Front Panel) Preparing for the front panel assembly
  9. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Details) Preparing for the details of the project
  10. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Painting) Now after cutting the acrylics and fits perfectly now its time for some painting I used silver paint for the primer and orange and flat black Bosny paint for the theme color
  11. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Front Panel) Preparing and ready for assembling the acrylic pieces for the front panel
  12. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Testing, Fitting Design of Acrylics) After cutting the acrylics by using laser machine now its time to fit and measuring the following acrylics
  13. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (Acrylic Cutting via 2D Design) Preparing acrylic layout for laser cutting by using Corel Draw and trasffering the 3D design into 2D design
  14. PROJECT BLACK'OPS (The Chassis) Preparing for the acrylic layout and measuring the actual size also for the placement of the Pump/Res for the LCS Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Chassis