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  1. I had CM Spawn years ago and it was the best mouse that I had in my life. Sadly after almost 7 years, right button starts to show double clicking. So I bought MM520 and... Well. It's a good mouse, but somehow the Spawn shape fits much better for me. MM520 is too fat for claw purposes.
  2. I'm having this problem with this mouse. It's odd since my old Logitech I could program the same thing and it works fine. But on MM520 I'm having this. When I assign Scroll to volume control on TactX, everytime that I need to use scroll, even without TactX function, just to scroll pages on browser for example, it lags like I :)! Is there a way to fix it or there's notthing to do about? I would love to use this feature on scroll. It was the best thing I had on Logitech mouse. English is obviously not my native language, so tell me if it's too hard to understand what i'm saying.