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  1. Sure that is another option. However, my experience with furniture slides is they always seem to slip out from under the legs. I use to have a Cosmos S and slid this one out to get access. The rubber feet on the C700M was a option I did not care for anyways. It didn't hurt the rails or the rubber feet which I put away with the spares. Doubt I'll ever put them back on again.
  2. I contacted Customer Support and they said they were in fact glued on. To remove them, just slowly pull the rubber feet off. You can use WD-40 on a rag to clean off the adhesive and rubbing alcohol to clean off the WD-40. Case will sit slightly lower now however high enough for air flow. The case now will EASILY slide back and forth on carpeted floors without having to pick it up. After all, that's one of the advantages to having a case with "snow skies" on the bottom! Save the rubber feet if you ever need to glue them back on.
  3. I keep my case on a carpeted floor and want to remove the rubber feet so I can slide it without having to kill my back picking it up. Looked at them but don't see any screws. Are they glued on?
  4. Was watching YouTube video with Matteo regarding C700M layout possibility's... About half way (EDIT: 8:25) through he mentions if you get a second Mpole Bracket MB... You can "put your motherboard in the middle" of the case. It was a great idea for me because I chose the chimney layout and with two MPole Brackets MB... 1. Would place a gap between the rear of the case and the motherboard tray to pass all the cables behind the tray. 2. Place my add-in cards right in the middle of the bottom to top airflow setup. 3. Make easier access to the NVMe dual adapter I placed in the last PCIE slot (have Windows 7 on one and Windows 10 on a another that I can swap out quickly. ) I got the second Mpole Bracket MB and replaced the default MB Locking Bracket in the rear. So now was using the four rubber pegs and four screws to mount the MB tray. Attached the two screws on the front Mpole Bracket MB to chassis. Then went to put the two screws in the rear MPole Bracket MB to the chassis... ...It was only then I discovered the MPole Bracket MB holes DON'T LINE UP with the chassis holes. The holes are off about 5mm. I hope Cooler Master is aware of this because the brackets will need to be SLOTTED where they attach to the chassis to fit.