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  1. I am having a terrible time getting a defective fan replaced by Coolermaster. I bought a H500M back in March. This case has 2 ARGB 200mm fans in front for airflow. One of the fans won't light up. I've inspected the wire and cannot see a break in the wire. I tried the hub that comes with the case as well as the hub that comes with the ML360. Didn't help. I finally plugged in just that one fan to the motherboard . Still no luck. The fan that lights up properly does so everywhere I connect it. tl:dr I have a defective 200mm ARGB case fan. I keep requesting warranty service for this fan but I am getting nothing but lip service from Coolermaster. Is there anyone at Coolermaster who can send me a new fan so I can begin using my new rig? Ticket #10688.