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  1. If purchased from retailer Amzon etc, I would ask for return and replace with another. If its still under the 30day...
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    Friend have you checked your device driver? Also your kung fu?
  3. Hello and good day to all, I purchased a case off Amazon and resold the case with some gear in the case, Long story short the box got damaged in transit (oklahoma to new york) I kinda figured the distance into this before shipping and asked the UPS Store rep if the box would be covered if in the even something happened, ofcourse something did. UPS Denied my claim based on the Cooler Master box not being ISTA 3a Certified. So i was hrmm, Amazon is shipping out tons of these with no certification aka insurance loss on each and every one? I dont think so or maybe? If anyone knows if the boxes are, or are not, Please point me in that direction. Thanks!! -bob Location, your box.