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  1. i am interested to know where to download older version? as i set all my fans & liquid cooler to spectrum.. i can even set to static mode.. that's a bit disappointed..
  2. I having - 3 casing fan - 3 x MF-120R - 1 liquid cooler - ML-240R running in latest win 10 64bit, Intel 9400F, Nvidia 1660ti, all my argb fan & cooler & controller work perfectly fine with masterplus+ after "firmware updated". (as per cm instruction, i'd to unplug, sata, usb-connection, and reconnect again, blah, blah, blah....). everything is fine.... but....... things go back to original stage again, right after i RESTART my PC.... controller not detected, USB devices not recognize, etc., i need to open up my casing cover, "re-install / update firmware" again, un-plug and plug again those cable, etc, repeat everything from a very first step, in order to use masterplus+ again.. what is wrong here? looking for help..