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  1. i have all the Mass Effect games, (for console, bleh.) no more consoles for me now that I have played games on a desktop. Andromeda is the only Mass Effect game that I don't have yet.
  2. Ok then, I bought a used gladiator 500 case for really cheap. And like 99% of all computer cases out there, there is only one way to open the case to view the insides. And they are all designed to be put on one's right hand side. With my setup and my use case scenario's, I keep my computer on my left, not my right. So........ Has anyone modified their case to open on the right side of the case instead of the left. (i.e. with or without a side window). Case manufacturers need to design me a nice case that I can put on my left side with a window, so as to see all the perty lights on the inside of the case. What side of your desk/setup do you keep your computer on?